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Shenzhen detainees jailed for up to three years

2020-12-30 HKT 11:19
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  • The detainees were put on trial in Shenzhen on Monday. File photo: AFP
    The detainees were put on trial in Shenzhen on Monday. File photo: AFP
Vicky Wong reports
Ten young Hongkongers accused of illegally crossing into mainland waters during an apparent bid to flee to Taiwan were on Wednesday given prison terms of between seven months and three years.

The group were put on trial in Shenzhen on Monday, with the court saying all 10 pleaded guilty.

Tang Kai-yin, who was said to be the 'leader' of the group, was given a three-year jail term and fined 20,000 yuan.

Quinn Moon – the only female among the detainees – was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 15,000 yuan, for what the court said was her co-leading role in the case.

Eight other detainees, meanwhile, received seven-month jail terms and were fined 10,000 yuan.

The verdicts were posted on the website of the Yantian District People's Court, which said Wednesday's sentencing hearing was attended by Hong Kong and Shenzhen NPC deputies, CPPCC representatives, members of the media as well as relatives of the defendants.

The court said it decided on the punishments after taking into account the roles of the various defendants, the extent and consequences of their wrongdoing, and also their remorse.

A total of 12 Hongkongers were captured by the Guangdong coast guard on August 23 after leaving the SAR by speedboat.

Since that time, they have been held in custody in Shenzhen with no visits from their relatives allowed, and no access to the lawyers appointed for them by the families.

The families were not able to attend Monday's trial, while diplomats from a number of Western countries were turned away. The court had said that the hearing was public, but that there were no free seats left in the courtroom.

The youngest two members of the group were not put on trial because they are minors and were expected to be handed over to Hong Kong police on Wednesday.