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Tam Yiu-chung unfazed by US sanctions

2021-01-16 HKT 14:00
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  • Tam Yiu-chung said the US sanctions don't bother him. File Photo: RTHK
    Tam Yiu-chung said the US sanctions don't bother him. File Photo: RTHK
The sole Hong Kong delegate to the National People's Congress Standing Committee, Tam Yiu-chung, said on Saturday that he'd already anticipated being sanctioned by the US and and wasn't concerned by the inconvenience caused as he had no assets in the United States.

Tam, along with three National Security Division police officers and two Beijing officials, was targeted in the latest round of sanctions by the outgoing US administration on Friday. Washington said the six were targeted for their role in the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong.

In response, Tam accused Washington of acting like a bully and condemned its interference in local affairs.

He added that it's reasonable and legal for him to work for the prosperity and stability of the SAR, and police officers shouldn't be sanctioned as they were only working to enforce the laws of Hong Kong.

The three sanctioned police officers, meanwhile, said they will continue to do their jobs and it's an honour and duty to uphold national security as policemen.

Speaking via the public relations branch of the force, they slammed the US for imposing the unfair sanctions out of political motives, and stressed that they will enforce the law strictly to protect the security of nation and Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government said earlier that the "so-called" sanctions were "insane, shameless and despicable".

US officials said they took the move after the arrest of more than 50 pro-democracy figures earlier this month under the new law.