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CUHK student union resigns citing political pressure

2021-03-01 HKT 19:49
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  • CUHK student union resigns citing political pressure
The new cabinet of the student union of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announced its resignation on Monday, citing increasing political pressure after the school cut ties with it last week.

Syzygia said it was taking "political responsibility" for the decision to withdraw their manifesto and election platform earlier, saying it'd lost its mandate as a result.

The Chinese University Student Union (CUSU) also blamed what it called pressure from the university for the withdrawal.

CUHK had said the election platform and certain statements made by members of Syzygia might be in breach of the national security law, and that the cabinet failed to clarify "potentially unlawful statements and false allegations".

In a press conference on Monday, Syzygia said the school management made it clear in private meetings that it would “completely renounce and disqualify” the cabinet.

"From the moment of CUHK's renouncement... the executive committee of CUSU will not be able to take an interest in current affairs, and the university will only be able to accept associations that are indifferent to society," said union president Isaac Lam.

"From the moment they released their statement, CUSU has ceased to exist except in name. We cannot accept becoming an apathetic cabinet that goes against our conscience, our morals and the CUSU constitution."

Lam also said cabinet members had received nuisance calls and even death threats over the saga.

However, the Chinese University issued a statement denying that it had intimidated or isolated the student union office or any other student group.

In a statement, it accused the student body of distorting its actions.

The university said its action was based on alleged illegal and untrue statements by members of the organization.

It said it respected freedom of speech - but university members still had to obey the law.
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