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Outsiders who meddle in HK 'will be taught a lesson'

2021-04-15 HKT 11:55
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  • Outsiders who meddle in HK 'will be taught a lesson'
Mainland officials say they will “teach foreign forces a lesson” if they try to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs, adding that although the national security law was questioned when it was introduced last year, it is now “embraced by everybody”.

At a ceremony marking “National Security Education Day” held in Wan Chai, the director of Beijing’s liaison office, Luo Huining said Beijing’s bottom line when it comes to safeguarding national security is to prevent others from using Hong Kong as a "pawn".

“Any behaviour that may affect national security, or the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong...when it is time, actions must be taken,” he said.

“In relation to any external or foreign forces that may interfere with Hong Kong affairs or attempt to use Hong Kong as a pawn, we will propose strong objections and teach them a lesson,” he added.

Luo’s comment on Thursday came after more than 100 British parliamentarians wrote to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to impose sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for cracking down on pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong.

At the same event as Luo, the director of Beijing’s Office For Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong, Zheng Yanxiong, said it was natural for people to question the national security law when it was first introduced last summer.

But he said Hong Kong people have now accepted and embraced the legislation.

Zheng also praised Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the territory's law-enforcement departments for restoring order after the social unrest of 2019.

“Under the leadership of the chief executive, the committee and other departments, especially the disciplined services, have shown that they have been just and fair in law enforcement in combating crime, and serving the society to promote this great transformation from chaos back to governance,” Zheng claimed.

“You are the safeguarding gods for national security in Hong Kong,” he said.

Zheng also praised judges, prosecutors, lawyers and legal scholars for their "correct and very serious attitude towards safeguarding national security", adding that Beijing's plans to "perfect the electoral system" in Hong Kong will maintain a sense of security and happiness for the general public.

Lam, meanwhile, said more should be done to increase Hong Kong people’s awareness of national security.

She said the anti-government protests in 2019 highlighted a gap in national security which endangered the safety of all Chinese people.

The CE agreed that the introduction of the national security law, as well as the electoral system overhaul, have stabilised the situation.

“The whole society should be mobilised to take part, so that Hong Kong people’s awareness and consciousness for national security and being law-abiding is enhanced. So that we all understand that we all have the responsibility to safeguard national security,” she said.

Other speakers at the event included the acting commissioner of the Foreign Ministry’s office in Hong Kong, Yan Yirui, and General Chen Daoxiang from the Hong Kong garrison of the People’s Liberation Army.