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Police goose step for public to show off nationalism

2021-04-15 HKT 12:45
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  • Police goose step for public to show off nationalism
Hong Kong police goose stepped PLA-style around their training college as the force's band blasted out "Ode to the Motherland" on Thursday, in a public display of the officers' "nationalistic sentiments".

"Defend national security with loyalty, protect our homes with bravery", officers chanted at the college in Wong Chuk Hang, as they also showed off the skills they have been taught to tackle terrorists.

The police were one of four disciplined services opening their training schools to the public to mark Hong Kong's "National Security Education Day".

It was the first time police officers had been seen in public using a Chinese-style routine when marching, rather than the traditional British-style foot drills.

There were also exhibitions on national security education and cyber security for the hundreds of people who turned up for the open day, including groups of students and elderly people.

The Reuters news agency noted that stalls were selling key-rings that read "warning, tear smoke", and stickers that read "disperse or we fire" – police warnings that became commonplace during the anti-government protests of 2019 and 2020.

Ahead of the open days, Security Secretary John Lee said the territory's disciplined services would be adopting PLA-style marching to demonstrate officers' "nationalistic sentiments" and to "strengthen awareness of national security".

Several members of the press who attended the event were ordered by the police to change their masks, because the masks were black.