Popular show doesn't mean HK people accept gays: CE - RTHK
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Popular show doesn't mean HK people accept gays: CE

2021-07-20 HKT 13:16
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  • Popular show doesn't mean HK people accept gays: CE
Maggie Ho reports
Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday dismissed the idea that the popularity of a local TV drama involving a gay romance suggests a growing acceptance of homosexuality in Hong Kong, saying the issue is still "very, very controversial".

ViuTV's Ossan's Love, which portrays a love triangle between three men, has proved to be a big hit with viewers and Lam was asked by reporters whether this shows Hongkongers increasingly accept same-sex relationships and that it could be time for legislation to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

But Lam said there is still no consensus on the issue of gay rights in Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is a rather pluralistic society. We should not discriminate against people with these sexual orientations or make evil comments about them. But we have to understand that Hong Kong society does not have a consensus on giving them any legal status or further rights,” she said.

“This is still a very, very controversial issue,” Lam added.

The CE said she had never seen the ViuTV show, but could recommend people watch The Glory of Youth – a prime time drama being shown on RTHK about mainland soldiers in the PLA's rocket force.

“I encourage everyone to watch it,” she said.

Ossan's Love has drawn criticism from pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho, who claimed its "promotion of homosexuality" breaches China's three-child policy as well as Hong Kong's national security law.