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HK shuttler Angus Ng stunned at Tokyo Olympics

2021-07-28 HKT 18:50
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  • Angus Ng bowed out of his second Olympics in the group stage. Photo: AFP
    Angus Ng bowed out of his second Olympics in the group stage. Photo: AFP
Hong Kong's top badminton player Angus Ng crashed out of the Tokyo Olympics in group play on Wednesday, dropping 2-0 to Kevin Cordon from Guatemala.

Ng, who ranks ninth in the world, wouldn't put his bad performance down to a row surrounding the black T-shirt he wore in his previous match, but admitted that he couldn't say his mood had not been affected by the saga.

"My opponent was super, but I played bad....I felt like I didn't perform at even half the level I can normally play at," Ng said after the match.

The 27-year-old said he needs to check what went wrong so he won't make the same mistakes again.

The first game was a tight affair, with Ng trailing 10-11 at the intermission.

Cordon, who ranks 59th in the world, came out of the timeout on a mission, scoring a 8-3 run before Ng bounced back with a 6-1 stretch of his own to tie at 20-20.

But the Guatemalan took the next two points to win the first game, 22-20.

The 34-year-old then took advantage of what appeared to be a lack of concentration from Ng, taking a 8-4 lead to start the second.

Pumping his fist and cheering himself on after every point he scored, Cordon played with the force and confidence that appeared to be lacking from the Hong Kong player, eventually winning 21-13.

Ng was sporting a dark green and white top with the Hong Kong emblem on during the group stage match. The shirt was from Fila, which sponsors the attire for Team Hong Kong.

His choice of on-court attire in the previous match had caused some controversy, after he wore a plain black T-shirt.

Pro-Beijing figures were upset that it didn't have the SAR emblem on it, and one DAB member even went as far as to call on Ng to withdraw from the Games if he "didn't want to represent Hong Kong".

When asked about whether people who were upset with his jersey should apologise to him, Ng said he had no comment, adding that people should just move on from the saga.

Ng said over the weekend that he was without a sponsor and had to come up with his own shirt for the Games, adding that he wasn't legally authorised to put the emblem on it.