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Police raid already closed June 4 museum

2021-09-09 HKT 12:59
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  • Police raid already closed June 4 museum
National security police on Thursday raided the closed June 4 museum in Mong Kok, while officers reportedly arrested a fifth core member of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China which ran the venue.

Police arrived at the museum in the morning, cordoning off the entrance to the building.

They were later seen loading a truck with bits of cardboard, including one bearing the museum's logo, another carrying a picture of a lit candle, and a caricature of the late Szeto Wah.

After the police left, a former member of the alliance, Richard Tsoi, said the police needed to explain why they thought the raid was necessary.

Tsoi told reporters that a lot of historic exhibits had been taken away by officers, and he simply didn’t see how any of the items could be illegal.

The alliance, which used to hold annual June 4 candlelight vigils, had closed the museum in June after officials accused it of operating the site without the required licences. The group pleaded guilty in court and was fined HK$8,000.

Vice-chairwoman Chow Hang-tung and three other members of the alliance were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of failing to provide information as instructed by national security police.

Sources said another member, Tsui Hon-kwong, was arrested on Thursday. He earlier filed for a judicial review to challenge the police's demand for information, arguing that they had overstepped their power.
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