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'Arrested students urged people not to use govt app'

2021-09-20 HKT 14:46
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  • 'Arrested students urged people not to use govt app'
National security police on Monday arrested three people linked to the localist group Student Politicism on suspicion of conspiracy to incite subversion, with officers seizing boxes of M&M's, hand cream and other products as evidence.

The suspects, who are aged between 18 and 20, include the group's convenor Wong Yat-chin and secretary general Chan Chi-sum.

Senior superintendent Steve Li alleged that Student Politicism had carried out a range of subversive acts, including encouraging people not to use the government's voluntary LeaveHomeSafe pandemic app, and using street booths to spread messages "inciting hatred towards the government".

Li also alleged during a media briefing on the arrests that the group had been instilling its political beliefs in others, and urging them to overturn the SAR and central governments.

Earlier in the day, Wong was seen being escorted to the Wah Sing Industrial Building in Kwai Chung, and officers left with boxes of chocolate and other items that visitors are allowed to take to people in prison.

Li told reporters that it is okay for people to help inmates, but not if the goal of sending goods to prisoners is to enlist them to endanger national security.

Earlier this month, Security Secretary Chris Tang announced that prisoners had been recruiting followers for this purpose, using chocolate and hairpins.
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