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Alliance's end won't stop our actions: Chris Tang

2021-09-25 HKT 13:07
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  • Alliance's end won't stop our actions: Chris Tang
Security secretary Chris Tang said the possible disbandment of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China will not clear anyone of legal liabilities, nor will it affect the actions authorities are taking against the group.

He was speaking ahead of an alliance meeting on Saturday, where members will vote on whether or not to break up.

In a reply to the security minister the day before, the alliance, which has been charged with inciting subversion, said it failed to see clear and sufficient grounds from the government that its existence would pose threats to national security.

But Tang said detailed evidence has already been given to the group and officials would still mull whether the alliance's company registration should be revoked.

"We will look at the explanation give by the alliance. And then it's my responsibility to incorporate their explanation into my submission to the Chief Executive-in-Council to decide whether we are going to request the Company Registry to delete the company from the list," he said.

Speaking on the radio show, the minister also warned people against committing secession by celebrating Taiwan’s "Double Tenth" public holiday.

Tang said it is fine for people to spend October 10 marking the anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, which toppled China's last imperial dynasty.

But he said the display of flags may prompt authorities to consider taking enforcement action.

"We have to look at individual cases by its own merits. The principle here is very clear: Taiwan is part of China. Anyone [who] tries to make Taiwan depart from China, that may constitute the secession offence under the national security law," Tang said.

During the programme, Tang also said the SAR government will draw reference from a document published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which listed out Washington's interference in Hong Kong affairs, and support for anti-China forces.