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Vigil organiser passes motion to dissolve

2021-09-25 HKT 15:54
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  • Vigil organiser passes motion to dissolve
The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, which used to organise the annual June 4th vigil, has voted to disband.

Members of the group held a special meeting on Saturday afternoon. Forty-one voted in favour of dissolving the alliance, while four were against.

"It is sad to announce the Alliance [has] come to an end," said Richard Tsoi, who hosted the meeting.

Speaking afterwards, Tsoi bowed to thank supporters. He said it was hard to predict if the vigil will come back, but added he trusts that people will hold on to their beliefs even with the Alliance gone.

"I do believe Hong Kong people, no matter in an individual capacity or other capacities, will continue to commemorate June 4th as before," he said.

He also read out part of a letter to alliance members penned by chairman Lee Cheuk-yan.

"No political power can take away people's memories and conscience, the ideology of the alliance is now in every Hong Konger's heart."

In response, Beijing's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office said the group must be investigated and held accountable for its alleged crimes, and accused it of "spreading rumours" and "organising illegal assemblies".

The alliance was formed 32 years ago in May of 1989 to support the student-led protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Led first by the late Szeto-wah, then by Lee Cheuk-yan and Albert Ho, the group held mass candlelight vigils in Victoria Park year after year, openly calling for an end to one-party rule in China and demanding vindication for the quashed pro-democracy movement.

But 2019 was the last time it held an approved vigil, with the authorities citing the pandemic to ban the event in the following years.

The group had also come under increasing pressure after the imposition of the national security law last year. And in June, Liaison Office director Luo Huining labelled those who call for an end to one-party rule as true enemies of Hong Kong.

Over the past few months, constituent members have been withdrawing from the alliance as core members quit. The group now faces a national security charge of inciting subversion.
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