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CU student union announces disbandment

2021-10-07 HKT 16:22
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  • In its statement, the student union says the legal advice it was offered goes against the university's demand.
    In its statement, the student union says the legal advice it was offered goes against the university's demand.
The student union of the Chinese University (CUSU) announced its disbandment on Thursday.

In February, the university cut ties with the student group, asking it to register as an independent society or company to assume its own legal responsibility.

The university also ceased administrative support for the student body and stopped collecting student union fees on its behalf.

In a social media statement on Thursday, the student union said legal advice it sought said independent registration wasn't necessary.

"CUSU sought professional legal opinion and was advised that 'the ordinance does not apply to CUSU' for independent registration. We are now torn between following the legal advice or complying with the university administration’s demand," it said.

To serve the best interest of students, the union said it held a joint meeting on September 10 to give serious consideration to the matter, and a motion was passed to dissolve the body and to accept the resignation of its council representatives.

"[CUSU] has been the only organisation mandated to represent the student body on campus. Over the years CUSU has upheld the principles of democratic and federal self-government and co-government for students, and dedicated itself to promoting the common good throughout ever-changing times," the statement read.

"For 50 years CUSU existed as an independent student organisation whose representatives were elected through a democratic process. It is a matter of profound regret that CUSU is now history."

The union added that students will remain faithful to their ideals.

Responding to the disbandment, the Chinese University said asking the union to register as an independent entity was a necessary step to ensure it could operate in compliance with the law.

The school said it regrets that the union has taken this "alternative course" and moved to dissolve its operations.

The university added it would work on transitional arrangements, so the disruption of services and to student engagement would be minimised.

Earlier this year, University of Hong Kong severed ties with its student union.
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