One Country, Two Systems to last beyond 2047: CE - RTHK
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One Country, Two Systems to last beyond 2047: CE

2021-10-08 HKT 11:23
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  • One Country, Two Systems to last beyond 2047: CE
Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Friday that she thinks the One Country, Two Systems principle will last beyond 2047.

Lam said this is because Beijing no longer has to worry about Hong Kong being the weakest link in terms of national security, after the introduction of the SAR's security legislation and the overhaul of the electoral system.

On an RTHK programme, she added that if Hong Kong can integrate into the mainland's development, she sees no need for changes to the constitutional order.

“Anybody would seriously ask: why do we have to change it? But of course, something more concrete will have to come out later on to give the needed assurance about the continuation of the common law system, the monetary system, the professional recognition system, maybe some land leases,” she said.

Lam said this year marks a new beginning for Hong Kong and the territory is now back on the right track.

“I hope Hong Kong people will realise this freshness, this newness actually appears everywhere, because I’ve asked my colleagues in charge of infrastructure, highways and landscape to improve Hong Kong’s cityscape, to plant more flowers, to beautify some of the lampposts, and to remove all these graffiti and dirty structures along the highway," she said.

"This is to give people that freshness. We’re entering a new era after two very difficult years.”