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Attack or not, wild boars are dangerous: minister

2021-11-28 HKT 16:55
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  • Attack or not, wild boars are dangerous: minister
Environment Secretary Wong Kam-sing on Sunday reminded the public of the risks posed by wild boars in the urban area, saying the animals could still be dangerous even if they don't attack people.

Wong was speaking a day after wild pigs were seen in several areas on Hong Kong Island on Saturday night. A food delivery worker was also said to have been bitten.

Authorities managed to capture one wild boar in North Point and put it down.

The environment chief said seven people had been injured by the animals this month and 20 so far this year, including children, adults and the elderly.

"The government is concerned about the increase in injuries caused by wild boars," Wong said.

"People need to pay attention and understand that the behaviour of the animals has already been altered if they are used to going to urban areas to look for food. It doesn't matter if they hurt people or not, they still pose a danger."

The "capture and kill" policy recently instituted for wild boars that come into urban areas has sparked an outcry, with animal activists calling on the government to rescind it and continue with its contraception programme.

But the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, Leung Siu-fai, said that practice was failing as it just simply couldn't keep a lid on the number of wild pigs born every year.