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Foreign forces warned not to meddle in HK polls

2021-12-09 HKT 12:55
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  • Foreign forces warned not to meddle in HK polls
Beijing officials have warned Western forces against trying to undermine Hong Kong's upcoming Legco elections, saying the central government will fight them off.

"Foreign forces using whatever means and excuses trying to interfere in Hong Kong’s Legco elections will be fought back by the Chinese government,” warned Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong Liu Guangyuan on Thursday.

At a liaison office seminar on the “essence of democracy”, Liu said some "bewitched" Hong Kong people "blindly admire" US-style democracy, thinking it can solve all problems in society.

He said a democracy summit hosted by the United States is aimed at distorting the meaning of democracy and stirring up political conflicts.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the liaison office, Chen Dong, condemned the US for inviting former Hong Kong lawmaker Nathan Law to speak at the summit.

“For evil political purposes, wanted fugitive Nathan Law is treated as an important guest at the democracy summit. Isn’t it ironic?”

Chen said anti-China forces are trying their best to hinder Hong Kong’s democratic development, but they will not succeed.