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40 EC lawmakers named, but Zeman, Fung lose

2021-12-20 HKT 03:27
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  • Election Committee candidates appear on stage as the results are announced. Photo: RTHK
    Election Committee candidates appear on stage as the results are announced. Photo: RTHK
Businessman Allan Zeman and former government information coordinator Andrew Fung were among the losers in the Election Committee vote in Sunday's Legislative Council elections.

The Election Committee results were announced at around 2:30am on Monday, the first to be made public in this year's polls.

Fifty-one candidates were vying for 40 seats.

About half of the winners have party or union affiliations, while the rest came from various backgrounds.

All nine incumbent lawmakers running in the Election Committee were re-elected: Horace Cheung and Elizabeth Quat of the DAB; the FTU's Michael Luk and Alice Mak; Eunice Yung of the New People's Party; Priscilla Leung of the Business and Professionals Alliance; as well as independents Ma Fung-kwok, Paul Tse and Junius Ho.

Leung was the top vote-getter among all candidates, with 1,348 votes.

Among the new faces with party affiliations are Judy Chan and former secretary for security Lai Tung-kwok of the New People's Party; Rock Chen, Nixie Lam and Lillian Kwok of the DAB; Benson Luk of the Business and Professionals Alliance; and Michael Lee of the Liberal Party.

When asked about the difference between being a minister and a lawmaker, Lai said, "The ultimate aim is to solve the problems faced by the people of Hong Kong.

"In this connection, there will be no difference between government officials, legislators and the public at large. We must work together, find out the best solutions for the problems."

Former lawmaker Yan Chan and district councillor Chan Yuet-ming also won through.

Other unionists who were elected besides Michael Luk and Alice Mak are fellow FTU member Kingsley Wong and Lam Chun-sing of the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions.

But two other unionists, bus driver Choy Wing-keung and electrician Vincent Diu, lost.

CPPCC members So Cheung-wing and Johnny Ng will be among the other new faces in Legco.

Tang Fei of the Federation of Education Workers is another newcomer. Pastor Peter Koon won through, as did accountant Nelson Lam; Andrew Lam, a town planner and former head of the Antiquities Advisory Board; ophthalmologist Dennis Lam; and lawyers Maggie Chan and Doreen Kong.

Koon has been helping murder suspect Chan Tong-kai, whose case sparked the extradition bill controversy and subsequently the anti-government protests in 2019. He was asked what he plans to do when he joins the legislature.

"I don't think Tong-kai's case will be my first priority. My first priority is about the reconciliation of the whole society," he said.

Maggie Chan is also a local NPC deputy.

"The result marked a milestone of a new era of patriots administering Hong Kong because all of us are patriots," she said. "And this marks all Legco members are acting within the four corners of the constitutional order, and this will crystalise our force to have the betterment for Hong Kong."

Among the winners with a business background are Simon Lee of China Resources Group; Carmen Kan of Bank of China (Hong Kong); Tan Yueheng of the Bank of Communications; CLP managing director Chan Siu-hung; Wendy Hong of New World Development; businessman Ken Leung; and insurance executive Chan Pui-leung.

A number of academics won, including Chow Man-kong and history professor Lau Chi-pang, both of Lingnan University, and Sun Dong, a biomedical engineering scholar at City University.

Stephen Wong of the Our Hong Kong Foundation is another winner.

Other notable losers are former civil servant Mike Rowse and Phoenix TV journalist and programme host Vie Tseng.
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