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Second jab boosts protection for students: expert

2022-03-28 HKT 09:26
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  • Second jab boosts protection for students: expert
A paediatrician on Monday said a second dose of Covid vaccine would significantly improve protection for children, saying it would act as a “barrier” against a possible rebound in infections when coronavirus restrictions are relaxed.

The government has said it wants schools to have 90 percent of students to be double-jabbed in order to have full-day, face-to-face classes after the Easter break.

Currently, around 59 percent of children aged between three and 11 have had their first jab.

Alvin Chan, who co-chairs the Medical Association's advisory committee on communicable diseases, said the requirement aims to protect children.

“In opening the schools, what we are looking for is protecting the children from infection when the relaxation of the measures could introduce a rebound of the epidemic,” Chan said.

“The second jab – that could really [boost] the barrier against infections.”

However, Chan said some parents were still concerned about the side effects of Covid jabs.

“Ninety percent for the first dose is not easy to achieve because some parents are still hesitant. We still receive calls where the parents are asking about the questions of any possibility of side effects and whether there could be reactions that could make them worry.

“There should be more education from the government and from the experts and reassurances that the jabs would not cause significant side effects,” he added.