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Article 23 important, but not my only focus: John Lee

2022-04-12 HKT 11:55
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  • Article 23 important, but not my only focus: John Lee
Chief Executive hopeful John Lee said on Tuesday that enacting Article 23 of the Basic Law to introduce Hong Kong’s own national security legislation will be a priority if he’s elected, but stressed that it will not be his only focus.

The bill was shelved in 2003 following mass protests.

At a brief media session, Lee was asked whether re-introducing it would be a priority.

Lee acknowledged that it is a constitutional duty to enact Article 23, but added he would also work to make sure Hong Kong is well positioned to handle future challenges.

"National security, of course, is one area, but there are other areas, such as risk management, contingency plan, ensuring that our financial system is able to face challenges and risks. So, it will be an examination of the potential risk areas, so as to ensure that we are fully prepared to mitigate and be able to do well even if there are sudden attacks from different areas," he said.

"And I think that is for the good of Hong Kong, because any aspect that will be attacked and not managed or dealt with well, will of course have a knock-on effect on other areas. It is for the stability of Hong Kong. Without it, we will not be able to have prosperity."

Separately, a video uploaded to his social media showed footage of him visiting major pro-establishment groups the day before.

In the video, the former chief secretary highlighted the need to better manage risks to ensure a secure and stable environment for Hong Kong.

The CE hopeful has until Thursday to submit at least 188 nominations from Election Committee members – with at least 15 from each of the five sectors – to qualify as a candidate.

He had earlier said he's already secured enough nominations, but has yet to formally sign up for the race.