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Govt will boost cybersecurity, top officials say

2023-04-15 HKT 16:04
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  • Govt will boost cybersecurity, top officials say
The city’s top officials expressed their concerns for cybersecurity at a national security seminar on Saturday, with security chief Chris Tang saying particular attention will be paid to online loopholes when enacting Article 23.

The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, who's also the host of the seminar, described the financial market and cyberspace as battlefields, adding that it is important for Hong Kong to consolidate its status as an international financial centre, for both the city and the country as a whole.

“China is committed to reform and opening up. In this context, Hong Kong plays an important role in financial market reform. It is the pilot zone of the financial reform [of China]. Therefore, for Hong Kong, we have to safeguard the security for both the financial service industry and cyberspace,” Chan said.

Chris Tang, the Secretary for Security, said the internet could become a major loophole when maintaining national security, adding “the new battle had moved to the internet” as the geopolitical situation intensifies.

Tang said the influence of fake news was fully reflected during the 2019 incident, with fake news flooding social media platforms at the time.

“They are widespread at very high speed with massive scale. It's difficult for people to tell ... true from false, and they are influenced very easily,” he added.

He said the internet is often used to incite acts that endanger national security, adding that the destruction of internet infrastructure will affect the operation of basic public services and impact people's livelihoods, the economy, and national security.

”We have on various occasions identified people using the internet to intentionally spread rumours saying people died in Prince Edward's station and someone was raped in San Uk Ling etc, to incite hatred towards law enforcement officers,” he said.

Tang said authorities are exploring the possibility of enacting legislation to outline the cybersecurity responsibilities of internet service providers and will pay close attention to the internet.

The Innovation and Technology Secretary, Sun Dong, said that without cyber security, there can be no national security, adding that a secure and stable internet is the prerequisite for the development of innovation and technology.

Govt will boost cybersecurity, top officials say