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'Political situation not a concern for talent'

2024-03-31 HKT 11:04
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  • 'Political situation not a concern for talent'
Hong Kong's political situation, including the new domestic security legislation, is not much of a concern to overseas talents, according to the city's start-up hub.

Fanny Wong, the head of talents and human resources at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, on Sunday said incoming talent was more interested in knowing about their prospects in the territory.

"So far we haven't heard too much about the concerns over Hong Kong, including the political ones. In fact, they are more concerned of having more development in Hong Kong, their career development, their learning experience," she said.

"That's why we feel that Hong Kong has been a great place for talents, and we have been very successful in attracting some of them to come to Hong Kong."

Albert Wong, the corporation's CEO, said a number of firms sought to come to the city over the past few years and around 13,000 people currently at Science Park were engaged research-related work.

"We have altogether over 800 start-ups in our ecosystem, altogether we have 1,700 companies. We have companies from different parts of the world and we'll continue to do our business development to attract them from anywhere in the world," he said.

Wong also said the hub is sending five companies to the United States for half a year for them to "survive", such as looking for investors and product development.

'Political situation not a concern for talent'