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CE pledges Govt will explain Article 23 to the world

2024-03-26 HKT 12:34
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  • CE pledges Govt will explain Article 23 to the world
Chief Executive John Lee on Tuesday said officials would take every opportunity to explain to the local and overseas business communities the advantages of having the homegrown national security law in place.

He stressed the law's enactment under Article 23 of the Basic Law would allow Hong Kong to focus on economic development.

Lee told reporters before the weekly Executive Council meeting that the legislation is defensive, with stringent and clear safeguards for human rights and freedoms.

"During our visits to overseas countries, we will continue to inform the business sector of the advantages of this law, which is to create stability and security, without which no investment can ever hope to thrive," the CE said.

"And with stability and security, prosperity may come."

He said he believes "people who love Hong Kong" would be very willing to tell the world how good the law is, similar to what the government has been doing.

Lee said officials would also work with business leaders to develop and deepen connections with markets such as Asean and the Middle East, including making further visits there, while seizing national development opportunities through further integration with the mainland.

Efforts would be made, the chief executive said, to raise the Hong Kong's competitiveness and battle for talent, while the SAR would implement policies, listed in the policy address and the budget, to enhance its development.

Lee stressed developing the Northern Metropolis would be a new engine for growth, and Hong Kong would promote the local economy in areas such as tourism, consumption and investment.

The CE added the administration would further promote education on issues such as national security, national education, law abidance and Chinese culture. Relevant work would be done at schools, in the community as well as through the media.

CE pledges Govt will explain Article 23 to the world