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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Hugh Chiverton


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Thousands of cruise ship passengers feared to have been infected   Listenfacebook
Health authorities are asking thousands of Hong Kong people who took cruises last month on board the "World Dream" ship to contact them over fears they may have been exposed to the Wuhan coronavirus. Eight passengers from the mainland who'd been on board the ship from January 19-24 have tested positive for the disease. Since then, the ship made three more trips before being quarantined at the Kai Tak cruise terminal, carrying around 5,000 Hong Kong passengers. That's in addition to about 1,800 still onboard. Wendy Wong reports:
Face-mask crisis forces GPs to close   Listenfacebook
The government is under fire over the way it's trying to source face masks. That's after the Logistics Department said it was hoping to buy 57 million masks through open tender, which won't close for another two weeks. The Hong Kong Medical Association says some private doctors have been forced to close their clinics because they can't get hold of enough face masks to protect their staff. It says at least 10 have shut since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus started, and if more masks don't arrive soon, another 400 could follow suit. The association said although it has now received thousands more masks from the government and donors, it can't keep up with demand. Its honorary secretary, Dr Victor Yeung, told Candice Wong that while he hasn't closed his clinic yet, he's only opening every other day to reduce the use of masks:
Public healthcare strike extends into fifth day   Listenfacebook
A meeting between Hospital Authority management and the organisers of a strike by medical workers failed to make any headway on Thursday, ensuring the industrial action extended into a fifth day. Leaders of the HA Employees Alliance said management appeared unprepared for a serious discussion, even on their demands for guarantees that hospital staff would have all the protective gear they need. Richard Pyne reports:
Government has failed in its emergency planning: Regina Ip   Listenfacebook
Three more local Wuhan viral infections were reported in Hong Kong on Thursday, raising the total number to 24. The Centre for Health Protection said two women, in their 60s, caught the disease from an "unknown source". The CHP also revealed that the wife of an infected patient tested positive after initially being told she was OK. The man worked in Shenzhen, but his wife had not travelled to the mainland in the past two weeks. Both were taken to hospital after falling ill on Tuesday. The husband was admitted, but his wife was discharged because she had only slight symptoms. Executive councillor and New People's Party leader Regina Ip told Hugh Chiverton the government has failed in its emergency planning:
Panic buying intensifies   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong continued to see panic buying on Thursday, with new stocks of rice and toilet rolls being snapped up within minutes at supermarkets. The government has assured people there's no shortage of essential goods, but this hasn't slowed a run on various basic necessities. Violet Wong reports:
Coronavirus outbreak sees some DSE exams postponed   Listenfacebook
With schools shut until at least the beginning of next month because of the Wuhan virus, the government has postponed some portions of the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, or DSE. But it has not decided yet if all exams will be pushed back, as Candice Wong reports.