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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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HA apologises over shortage of isolation beds   Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority has warned of the growing pressure on public hospitals, especially on isolation units, with dozens of new coronavirus cases now being reported on a daily basis. Another 59 people were confirmed to have Covid-19 on Sunday, raising the total number of infections in Hong Kong to 641. Joanne Wong reports:
Government ‘help needed’ to get HK people out of Peru   Listenfacebook
A Civic Party lawmaker has criticised the government for offering no help to some 80 Hong Kong people stranded in Peru. A Hong Kong man died there on Friday after contracting Covid-19. Jeremy Tam says he gave the government a list of stranded Hong Kong tourists nearly a fortnight ago, when the Peruvian government ordered a lockdown. Ian Pooler asked him if he had more details on the death of the Hong Kong man:
Government warns of more measures to enforce social distancing   Listenfacebook
The Health Secretary, Sophia Chan, says the government hasn't ruled out imposing further measures to limit public gatherings. She was speaking after authorities came under fire for not including mahjong parlours and karaoke bars when it ordered other entertainment venues, including cinemas and gyms, to close for two weeks. Candice Wong reports:
Helpers avoid the crowds on their day off   Listenfacebook
Sunday was the first day off for foreign domestic helpers since new restrictions on social gatherings took effect. The government announced on Friday that it would ban public gatherings of more than four people to try to curb the spread of second-wave coronavirus infections. On Sunday, police were out patrolling areas where foreign domestic helpers gather on their day off, to ensure the social-distancing rules were obeyed. Joanne Wong reports:
Restaurant trade unhappy with social gathering restrictions  Listenfacebook
A member of the restaurant trade says it's unfair to limit diners to only four per table in Hong Kong's eateries. Gordan Lam, the head of the Small and Medium Restaurant Federation, said the risk of catching Covid-19 doesn't exist only in restaurants. The Civic Party member said places exempt from the four-person limit, such as public transport and offices, could just as easily be sources of infection. Lam spoke to Damon Pang after attending RTHK's City Forum:
Trump says US deaths will peak in two weeks' time   Listenfacebook
The US President, Donald Trump, has been giving an update on the US response to the coronavirus outbreak. He said a massive programme of testing is now underway and America would do whatever it could to defeat Covid-19. The US now has the highest number of confirmed cases of the disease in the world. Nearly 140,000 people had officially been confirmed to be infected by Monday morning, but just over 2,400 had died. Mike Weeks asked RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, what else Trump had to say during his latest White House briefing:
Modi apologises for Indian lockdown   Listenfacebook
The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has asked for his country's forgiveness, after imposing a sweeping 21-day coronavirus lockdown that he admits has hurt millions of poor people. Criticism has mounted over a lack of planning ahead of the shutdown, which was introduced with less than four hours' notice last Tuesday. Professor Michael Davis is a Hong Kong constitutional law expert, who recently returned to the US from a sabbatical in India. Mike Weeks asked him about the threat of the lockdown to the livelihood of India’s poorest people: