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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Former CHP head says mass testing yielded valuable lessons   Listenfacebook
Nearly 1.8 million people were screened for Covid-19 under the government's two-week Universal Community Testing Programme, which ended on Monday. Just under 1.72 million had their results back by Monday night, of which 32 were positive. Four of these were former patients declared free of the disease, while others had recovered without knowing they were infected. The former controller of the Centre for Health Protection, Thomas Tsang, described the mass screening programme as unprecedented, saying it will take some time to properly assess its findings. Tsang, who's now the President of the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine, was asked what lessons the government will have learnt from the exercise:
HKMA expert urges people to remain careful over Covid-19  Listenfacebook
Medical Association infectious diseases expert Dr Leung Chi-chiu is warning of a “huge rebound” in local coronavirus infections in the coming weeks as social distancing measures are relaxed and civil servants return to their offices. He said a lot of people have been going out since the government relaxed a number of anti-epidemic restrictions and that Hong Kong could soon see more than 100 new cases a day again. He told Candice Wong why he's so concerned:
Some restaurants not sticking to social distancing rules  Listenfacebook
The president of the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants, Simon Wong, says business has rebounded to about 80 percent of pre-pandemic levels now that up to four people are allowed to sit at the same table. But Mr Wong says some restaurants aren't following social distancing measures, such as limiting capacity to 50 percent. He spoke to Candice Wong:
SME Association calls for rent subsidies   Listenfacebook
The government is poised to announce details of its third round of anti-epidemic relief measures, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday. It's expected to be aimed at helping industries directly affected by the recent social gathering restrictions. It comes after about 158,000 employers applied for the second-round of wage subsidies, a slightly higher number than for the first round. So is this all going to be enough to help businesses stay afloat? Mike Weeks asked the honorary chairman of the SME association, Danny Lau:
Coronavirus a boon for Hong Kong’s organic farms  Listenfacebook
The Covid pandemic has decimated industries across the world, with just a handful of sectors benefiting from the social-distancing regulations and controls. But it's not just supermarkets or streaming video services that have benefited, local organic farms have also seen a huge surge in business. Our reporter Maggie Ho takes a look:
Five family members held over record money laundering case   Listenfacebook
Customs officers have arrested six people, including five from the same family, over a record money laundering case. As Jimmy Choi reports, they are suspected of whitewashing more than HK$3 billion:
Lawmakers unite over help for the disabled  Listenfacebook
In a rare show of unity, pan-democrats and pro-government lawmakers have pressed the government to step up efforts to help people with disabilities and their families. They say the authorities must act now to prevent another tragedy from happening, after a woman was charged with murder this month for allegedly killing her 21-year-old intellectually challenged son. Violet Wong reports:
HK Post accused of political censorship  Listenfacebook
Several Democratic Party district councillors have filed a complaint to the Ombudsman over Hongkong Post's refusal to deliver their circulars. They say they've been given no explanation, and are accusing the department of political censorship. Kwun Tong councillor Edith Leung says she suspects the circulars have been rejected because they contain criticism of the government on political and livelihood matters. Ms Leung spoke to Frances Sit:
EU appeals to Xi Jinping to respect Hong Kong's autonomy  Listenfacebook
European leaders have made a direct appeal to President Xi Jinping to respect Hong Kong's autonomy and to grant independent observers access to Xinjiang. This came during an on-line summit on Monday, as the US announced it would block a range of Chinese products from the western autonomous region. Sean Kennedy reports: