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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Govt revives copyright law reforms  Listenfacebook
The government has revived its plan to reform copyright law, five years after it was withdrawn amid filibustering in the legislature and opposition from some concern groups. Officials have launched a three-month public consultation on the proposals. Damon Pang reports:
Forum calls for stronger action against piracy  Listenfacebook
A spokesman of the Hong Kong Copyright Forum has welcomed the government's move to reform the SAR's copyright law. Derek Lee said he believed the new law would pass through Legco, but told Frances Sit he also wanted stronger action against piracy:
Reforms must consider technological changes  Listenfacebook
An intellectual property lawyer has welcomed moves to reform the city's copyright laws, but says they need to take into account technological advancements if Hong Kong wants to be an intellectual property hub. Kenny Wong said there was an urgency to improve the legislation to update the laws. He told Janice Wong he supported the reforms and that they addressed concerns over freedom of expression:
'Selfish' valve masks banned in quarantine hotels  Listenfacebook
The government has banned the use of valve masks by people in hotel quarantine, after one guest is believed to have passed Covid-19 to his neighbour. The masks have been branded 'selfish' by a health expert, who said they only filtered incoming air, but not the air breathed out by the user. Wendy Wong reports:
Automated parking system opens in Tsuen Wan  Listenfacebook
The first of a series of automated parking systems the government plans to introduce opens in Tsuen Wan on Thursday. The Transport Department hopes it will help alleviate the shortage of parking spaces in the district. Jimmy Choi reports:
Hopes that more bays can combat illegal parking  Listenfacebook
Keith Tang, the Transport Department’s principal project coordinator, told Jimmy Choi the new parking system doubles the number of bays in the area:
Parking system branded 'old fashioned'  Listenfacebook
A transport journalist says he's "disappointed" with the government's new automated parking system in Tsuen Wan, calling it old-fashioned, with no charging points for electric vehicles or any connection to a smart city network. James Ockenden, editor of Transit Jam, told Samantha Butler it won't deter illegal parking in the area, which is mostly from trucks that can't fit into the new car park.
Trade ban urged for antique, mammoth ivory  Listenfacebook
Conservationists are calling on the SAR government to ban the sale of antique and mammoth ivory, saying allowing these products to be sold creates a loophole for the illegal trade in elephant tusks to continue. The call came from Jovy Chan, wildlife conservation manager at WWF Hong Kong. In about a month's time, a ban on elephant ivory sales takes effect following a five-year grace period. Chan said illegal ivory may be passed off as mammoth tusk. She told Maggie Ho that traders' demand for a longer grace period and compensation for unsold stock was unreasonable:
App gives personalised pollution exposure  Listenfacebook
A lot of mobile apps are available for people to monitor air quality in Hong Kong, but scientists from the University of Science and Technology are now offering one that provides more than just real-time and forecast air quality information. The Praise-HK-EXP app tells users their air pollution exposure based on their itinerary for the day. Professor Alexis Lau, the director of the university's Institute for the Environment, told Frances Sit how it works:
31 migrants die in English Channel crossing  Listenfacebook
This year, the number of migrants making the journey from France across the English Channel into the UK, has been rising sharply. Now, at least 30 people are believed to have drowned as one of those boats sank. The French president Emmanuel Macron said he wouldn't allow the channel to become a cemetery and the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, said more needed to be done to punish people smugglers. RTHK’s UK correspondent Gavin Grey told Samantha Butler it was the single worst loss of life on the English Channel since records began in 2014:
Rocket sent on collision course to asteroid  Listenfacebook
A rocket has lifted off from California at the start of a mission to deliberately smash a spacecraft into an asteroid. NASA's DART project will test whether it's possible to knock an asteroid off a collision course with Earth. Annemarie Evans spoke to David Baker, the UK-based editor of Spaceflight magazine, and asked him what he made of Nasa's plan: