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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Samantha Butler


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Law changed over vaccine exemption certificates  Listenfacebook
The government says it will amend the law to empower the Secretary for Health to invalidate Covid-19 vaccination exemption certificates, if there are grounds to believe they were issued without proper medical consultations. It will be done through negative vetting in Legco. It comes after the government lost in a judicial review over whether it had to power to invalidate such certificates. Ada Au reports:
Jabs requirements for schools postponed  Listenfacebook
The government has announced the relaxation of Covid-19 jab requirements for both secondary and primary students when it comes to the resumption of full-day face-to-face classes. As Violet Wong reports, the three-jab rule was supposed to take effect in November, but has been postponed by three months:
Eased jab rules welcomed by parents, students  Listenfacebook
A secondary school principal says students and parents largely welcome the government's delay in imposing stricter jab requirements for full-day, on campus, lessons. Dion Chen is the chair of the Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council and the principal of Ying Wa College, where he says around 96 percent of students have had three Covid shots. He told Samantha Butler that online discussion showed some primary parents had gotten used to their children attending half-day lessons from home, but educators felt full-day on-campus lessons were crucial:
Chlorine suggestion to tackle melioidosis  Listenfacebook
The government plans to list melioidosis as a statutory notifiable infectious disease, meaning doctors must report any cases they come across - whether suspected or confirmed. It comes amid an increase in infections compared to previous years. Health authorities have reported three more infections, raising the tally this year to 34. The latest patients are elderly men who are chronically ill. They are in a stable condition in hospital. University of Hong Kong microbiologist, Yuen Kwok-yung, suggested authorities increase the amount of residual chlorine in drinking water, and use ultraviolet light for disinfection, to help kill the bacteria that causes the disease. Frank Yung reports:
Wine and Dine Festival returns  Listenfacebook
The Wine and Dine Festival will return to Hong Kong next month, and the Tourism Board will hand out 50,000 e-coupons to customers who sign up on its online platform. Natale Ching reports:
CE reassures investors after HSI tanks  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive John Lee has reassured investors that Hong Kong's financial market is running in an orderly and smooth manner, after local stocks tumbled six percent on Monday. He spoke about the resilience of the SAR's financial systems, and says his government is monitoring the situation. Maggie Ho reports:
Jimmy Lai found guilty of fraud  Listenfacebook
The District Court has found tycoon Jimmy Lai guilty of two counts of fraud, ruling that he concealed the fact he was operating a consultancy from the headquarters of his Next Digital media empire from the landlord, in breach of the lease. Violet Wong reports:
Permanent ban faces 'immoral' teachers  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Education, Christine Choi, says teachers banned from the classroom for breaking the National Security Law or for mistreating pupils are unlikely ever to be allowed to return to the profession. She issued the warning while discussing new rules for their conduct on an RTHK programme, as Vanessa Cheng reports:
Call for independent probe into CUHK emblem row  Listenfacebook
Legislator Priscilla Leung says there should be an independent probe to investigate the controversy over the Chinese University's emblem. It unveiled a new design last week to mark its 60th anniversary, much to the surprise of some alumni, including Leung - who said she only found out from media reports, despite the school saying it consulted thousands of stakeholders. The emblem was changed back after an outcry over the consultation process. Leung told Ben Tse that the university ignored proper procedure:
Meta apologises for WhatsApp outage  Listenfacebook
US tech giant, Meta, has apologised to WhatsApp users for an outage lasting about two hours on Tuesday afternoon. It is still not clear what caused the problem. Altis Wong reports:
HSBC third quarter profits fall  Listenfacebook
HSBC has reported a fall in third quarter profits of over 40 percent, with the bank's bottom line hit by impairment charges for the planned sale of its French retail banking unit. Joanne Wong reports:
Beijing pushes for foreign investment  Listenfacebook
Beijing says it will promote foreign investment with a focus on manufacturing industries. It comes after President Xi Jinping called on the nation to "win the battle" in core technologies during the Communist Party Congress that ended over the weekend. Steve Dunthorne reports: