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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Selected audio segments:
Australia triumph at the Rugby Sevens  Listenfacebook
Australia have toppled defending champions Fiji in the Hong Kong Sevens, winning 20 to 17. It is the first time in nearly 35 years since they have won the tournament. Mike Weeks reports from Hong Kong Stadium:
Team HK get raucous support  Listenfacebook
The home team had some titanic battles on the final day of the Sevens tournament, but fell to Canada and Japan. As Aaron Tam reports, the crowd were on their feet cheering team Hong Kong, despite the losses:
2019 unrest was 'harsh lesson'  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Justice says 2019's social unrest showed there was a lack of awareness and understanding about Hong Kong's legal system. He called it a "harsh lesson" to learn and said promoting the rule of law was crucial. Violet Wong reports:
Another finance forum planned for 2023  Listenfacebook
Financial Secretary Paul Chan has hailed the success of the Global Financial Leaders' Investment Summit which ended last Thursday, saying it showcased that Hong Kong is opening up and returning to normal. The finance chief said Hong Kong would host the event again next year. Vanessa Cheng reports:
COP27 climate summit to address 'loss and damage'  Listenfacebook
The founder of a non-profit group says it is encouraging that 'loss and damage' is on the agenda at a global climate summit underway in Egypt. Until now, developed nations have resisted calls to discuss paying poorer nations to help them cope with global warming. Chong Chan-yau from CarbonCare InnoLab says the fact that 'climate injustice' is being addressed means there is recognition that marginalised groups suffer more from climate change despite contributing the least to it. But he told Janice Wong that he was not very optimistic that the conference could succeed in its goal to limit global warming:
Labour survey shows half of employees had pay frozen  Listenfacebook
A labour union has called for a six percent pay rise for the coming year, after it published a survey indicating over half of Hong Kong’s employees had their pay frozen last year and 10 percent had their salaries cut. The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions interviewed over 1,100 employees in different sectors between August and October, and found only about 30 percent of people had a pay rise in the previous year. The chairman of the union, Lam Chun-sing, told Vanessa Cheng that many employees were looking forward to a four to six percent pay rise next year, as economic activities pick up:
Dental Association welcomes overseas support  Listenfacebook
The vice president of the Hong Kong Dental Association, Spencer Chan, says the proposal of bringing in non-locally trained dentists is a timely measure to ease a manpower shortage in the dental sector. His comments come after Chief Executive John Lee unveiled in his Policy Address plans to bring in non-locally trained nurses and dentists as part of the government's efforts to revamp the healthcare system. Chan said the manpower shortage in the dental sector was likely due to a series of factors, such as retirement, relocation and the Covid pandemic. He told Kelly Yu that while the proposal was welcome, more needed to be done to tackle chronic manpower woes:
Cigarette ban considered for future generations  Listenfacebook
A professor specialising in tobacco control says despite the drop in smoking rates in Hong Kong, it is still a good idea to consider banning future generations from lighting up. Derek Cheung, from the University of Hong Kong's School of Nursing, made the comments after the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health said the Health Bureau was considering banning people born after 2008 from buying cigarettes. Professor Cheung welcomed the proposal, saying the downward trend in the city's smoking rates was not guaranteed. He told Samantha Butler the move has been introduced in New Zealand and other parts of the world:
China's daily Covid caseload hits six-month high  Listenfacebook
Guangdong province reported 1,582 new local Covid infections on Sunday, up from 888 the day before. Mainland authorities have been offering door-to-door PCR tests in a district in the city of Guangzhou where most of the cases were found. Aaron Tam reports:
US midterm elections brace for Republican wave  Listenfacebook
President Biden has told voters that a Democratic loss in Tuesday's midterm elections will have "decades" of consequences. Meanwhile his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, is predicting America’s destruction if voters do not deliver them a massive electoral wave. The elections will decide the balance of power in Washington and in key state capitals. At the moment, Democrats hold a majority in both the House and Senate, which has helped President Biden pass legislation. RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, spoke to Samantha Butler about the issues dominating the elections:
Refugee group gives legal guidance to maids  Listenfacebook
Operation Santa Claus 2022 is raising money for 15 charities. One of the projects this year is ‘Lifelines to aid Programme’ organised by Justice Without Borders, an NGO that aims to empower and educate migrant domestic helpers about their legal rights. Kristy Lai met Jaime Wong, Programme Officer for Justice Without Borders, and ‘Jec’, who is a beneficiary of the project, to learn more about their daily operation: