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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Two workers die in suspected gas leak  Listenfacebook
Two workers who were replacing cooling pipes for the Elements shopping mall's air-conditioning system have died after apparently inhaling gas at an underground construction site on Austin Road. As Kelly Yu reports, their relatives are outraged over the incident:
Govt launches TH-E platform for transitional housing  Listenfacebook
The Housing Secretary, Winnie Ho, says the government will launch an online platform from Monday to make it easier for people to apply for temporary accommodation. It comes as authorities say the occupancy rate for transitional housing in urban areas is more than 90 percent. Kelly Yu reports:
Helpers call for $1,800 monthly food allowance  Listenfacebook
Activists have urged the government to raise the statutory minimum food allowance for foreign domestic helpers. The call came after a survey revealed that one in three helpers suffer from hunger in Hong Kong. According to a poll by the Caritas Asian Migrant Workers Social Service Project and a Hong Kong helpers' food rights concern group, over 80 percent of the nearly 500 domestic helpers surveyed said their current food allowance was insufficient. The concern group's spokesperson, Jinky, told Anne Chan that the results were alarming:
More spending needed on cyber security  Listenfacebook
A malware analyst says when it comes to cyber solutions, the government needs to relax its principle of tendering out and hiring the cheapest contractors. Anthony Lai from Valkyrie-X Research was commenting after both the Consumer Council and technology park, Cyberport, became recent ransomware victims. He said he believed the hackers were exploiting vulnerabilities in software that had been found up to two years ago. He told Janice Wong that he believed Hong Kong was behind by about five to eight years in its cybersecurity measures:
Parents urged to vaccinate children for flu  Listenfacebook
A paediatrician is reminding parents of young children to get them vaccinated against flu, saying population immunity against the virus decreased during the Covid pandemic. Professor Patrick Ip from the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Hong Kong described the situation in Hong Kong as challenging, saying there had already been two flu peaks this year, with more serious cases seen among youngsters. He told Janice Wong that unvaccinated children were staying longer in hospitals and suffering more complications:
FS pushing Hong Kong's soft power in Europe  Listenfacebook
The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, says Hong Kong is spreading its "soft power" in Europe. He made the comment in the UK and France, where he was promoting business opportunities in the SAR. Aaron Tam reports:
London police refuse firearm duties  Listenfacebook
London’s police force says some officers are refusing to conduct armed patrols after a colleague was charged with murder. The government says officers should not fear ending up in the dock for doing their job and it is launching a review into armed policing. RTHK's UK correspondent Peter Anderson told Samantha Butler that the police felt the watchdog investigating the shooting was too quick to recommend murder charges:
Congress divided as US govt heads for shutdown  Listenfacebook
The US federal government is heading towards a shutdown, which could disrupt the lives of millions of Americans. The deadline is the end of this month. Federal agencies cannot spend money without approval from Congress, so if Congress does not approve 12 annual appropriation bills, non-essential services around the country will stop. RTHK's US economics correspondent, Barry Wood, in Washington told Samantha Butler that the negotiations were a huge test for Republican house speaker, Kevin McCarthy: