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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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'HK can help BRI countries achieve carbon neutrality'  Listenfacebook
The Commissioner for Belt and Road, Nicholas Ho, says Hong Kong has an important role to play in an upcoming two-day forum that marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Chief Executive John Lee will be leading a 70-member delegation to take part in the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing this week. President Xi Jinping is scheduled to speak, and host a welcome banquet and events for foreign leaders and heads of international organisations. The BRI involves development cooperation with some 150 countries. Ho is part of Hong Kong's delegation. He told Vanessa Cheng that the city could work with its mainland counterparts on green development and on helping participating countries achieve carbon neutrality:
More overseas doctors joining public hospitals  Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority says it will continue to recruit overseas-trained doctors - with Britain and Australia being possible hiring destinations again. The authority conceded that it could not solve the local manpower shortage in a short period of time, but said about 70 non-locally trained doctors had joined the city's public hospitals as of the end of September, while another 40 were expected in the next few months. Aaron Tam reports:
Top priority should be to 'retain' medical staff  Listenfacebook
A legislator says the top priority in addressing a labour shortage in public hospitals should be to retain staff. Medical-sector lawmaker, Dr David Lam, said there were several hundred medical school graduates in Hong Kong every year, but the overwhelming workload in the public sector was driving away experienced staff. He told Janice Wong that this workload could be shared with the local community, through more public-private partnerships:
New tech needed to ensure occupational safety  Listenfacebook
Following a recent spate of fatal industrial incidents, labour representatives say more needs to be done to ensure occupational safety. The comments come less than a month after two workers died from suspected gas poisoning while replacing underground pipes near Elements shopping mall. Kelly Yu reports:
Hundreds step up to take part in district polls  Listenfacebook
Several parties have announced their candidates for the upcoming district council elections, on the eve of the nomination period which begins on Tuesday and lasts until October 30. The elections take place on December 10. Elvis Yu reports:
FS attends IMF, World Bank meetings in Morocco  Listenfacebook
Top financiers from around the world believe Hong Kong has a leading edge when it comes to green finance development. That is what they have been telling finance secretary Paul Chan, who has been attending meetings for global financial leaders in Morocco. Elvis Yu reports:
Govt hopes to bring 'night vibes' to Temple Street  Listenfacebook
The government says it wants to enhance the atmosphere of the Temple Street night market, by mimicking the Night Vibes events currently being held along the Wan Chai harbourfront. But authorities also warned there was only a slim chance that visitor numbers at Temple Street could hit pre-pandemic levels this year. Hailey Yip reports:
Wang Yi: Israel's actions go beyond self-defence  Listenfacebook
The nation's top diplomat says Israel is acting beyond the scope of self-defence. More than 2,600 Palestinians have now been killed by Israeli retaliatory strikes on Gaza, while almost 1,400 people have been killed by Hamas in Israel. Wang Yi's comments are the strongest stance Beijing has expressed so far on the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Hailey Yip reports:
US deploys second aircraft carrier near Israel  Listenfacebook
The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has warned that every precaution must be taken to avoid harming civilians, as Israel prepares for its major ground offensive. Over the weekend, the US also announced it would send a second aircraft carrier to the region. RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, told Samantha Butler that the aircraft was a 'show of force' as it was unlikely the US would engage in the conflict: