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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Govt says failed tenders won't affect land development  Listenfacebook
The Development Secretary Bernadette Linn says changing the land use of a plot should not be the immediate reaction to an unsuccessful tender and this would affect government efforts to supply land. She was commenting after a series of failed tenders to sell government land over the past year. Frank Yung reports:
To attract and keep talent 'is everyone's job'  Listenfacebook
A lawmaker says everyone, not just the government, has a role to play in helping talent settle in Hong Kong. Wendy Hong was commenting after a job fair for tech talent was held at Hong Kong Science Park on Saturday, where she hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders. She told Janice Wong that Hong Kong's skilled workforce was shrinking, and the government should do more to speed up the expansion of an industrial base for incoming talent so they could have more career opportunities and want to stay longer term:
Revenge porn victim says laws aren't protecting her  Listenfacebook
It has been more than two years since laws to protect people from unauthorised sharing of personal information - including intimate images - were set up, but victims of such so-called 'revenge porn' are questioning the authorities' ability to enforce them. June (not her real name) told RTHK's Anne Chan that so far, authorities had been unable to help her as she struggles to remove nude photos of herself posted online and in the streets by her former partner:
Online shop investigated over dog meat ad  Listenfacebook
Authorities have launched a probe into the suspected sale of dog meat after finding advertisements posted on the internet. As Frank Yung reports, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department says it may prosecute the online shop in question, if there is sufficient evidence:
Mega bridge marathon runners hail 'unique' event  Listenfacebook
Runners who took part in the first-ever half marathon held at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge called it a most unique and exciting experience. About 8,000 people - including Hong Kong movie star Chow Yun-fat - joined the race. Elvis Yu reports:
Proposed US sanctions 'no deterrent' to the legal trade  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Justice Paul Lam says proposed sanctions by the United States on local authorities will not deter international legal professionals from carrying out exchanges with Hong Kong. He also says Hong Kong has sufficient ways to deal with the possible sanctions but he did not say how. Frank Yung reports:
Apec leaders believe global growth will slow  Listenfacebook
Financial Secretary Paul Chan says representatives at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) forum in the United States generally believe global economic growth will be slower next year. He also noted that a meeting between Presidents Xi and Biden on the sidelines of the summit had become a global focus. Elvis Yu reports:
President Xi offers pandas and partnership to US  Listenfacebook
Pacific Rim leaders showed divisions over the wars in Ukraine and Gaza after the two-day summit of Apec ended on Friday, although they pledged support for reform of the World Trade Organisation. Days of meetings involving Apec ministers and leaders were dominated by the Xi-Biden summit on Wednesday. RTHK's US economics correspondent in Washington, Barry Wood, said the American business community applauded comments from President Xi. But he told Samantha Butler that his optimistic tone was at odds with the negative chorus of voices in Washington:
Affordable housing a challenge in San Francisco  Listenfacebook
San Francisco has the most elderly people of any major city in America and it is also home to the biggest Chinese population. About one in five San Franciscans is Chinese-American and the city's Chinatown is famous the world over. But with rents soaring in recent years, finding an affordable place to live is a challenge for the area's growing number of senior citizens. RTHK's Kelly Yu took time out from covering the Apec summit to find out more:
Donations will help charity secure work for refugees  Listenfacebook
This year, the Operation Santa Claus charity drive is raising money for 16 charities. One - “The Employability Programme” - aims to help recognised refugees get back into the workplace. It's organised by the Christian Action Centre for Refugees - Hong Kong’s first and only drop-in community centre for asylum seekers and refugees. Carol Meng met Jeffrey Andrews, Senior Social Worker in charge of the centre, and one of their beneficiaries, Uzma Naveed: