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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Selected audio segments:
CE says HK fugitives will be 'pursued for life'  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says police will "do their utmost" to pursue a woman accused of national security offences who has said that she plans to jump bail. Agnes Chow, co-founder of the now-defunct Demosisto party, is currently studying in Canada. Kelly Yu reports:
Activities planned around district polls  Listenfacebook
John Lee also urged people to vote in Sunday's district council polls, saying they would be casting their ballots for the good of the community. Natale Ching reports:
Voters to get 'thank you' cards  Listenfacebook
Authorities are planning a slew of 'thoughtful arrangements' aimed at encouraging people to vote in the elections, including giving people who cast ballots a 'Thank you' card. The card, and photo spots, are to be set up outside polling stations. Frank Yung reports:
Some cleaners unhappy with new rubbish bins  Listenfacebook
Street cleaners have expressed worries that new rubbish bins will create even more work for them. Cleaners say the bins have smaller mouths, meaning more people might leave their trash next to the receptacles. Authorities are testing out hundreds of orange-coloured bins with oblong mouths. Violet Wong reports:
New bins geared towards waste-charging goals  Listenfacebook
An environmentalist has welcomed new rubbish bins that authorities are trialling, saying the government is trying to encourage people to reduce their waste at source, or dispose of it at home - for when a household waste-charging scheme begins in April. Edwin Lau, founder and executive director of The Green Earth, says the ergonomic design of bins means they can be easily emptied through a door on the side. He says enforcement action and littering penalties will be stepped up, to make sure people do not leave garbage next to the bin because they cannot fit it into the smaller opening. He spoke to Ben Tse about what he described as "a global trend" in waste disposal:
Survey shows more ready for plastic tableware ban  Listenfacebook
A green group has urged the government not to wait any longer to introduce a complete ban on plastic tableware, saying its latest survey shows people are ready for it. The government will roll out a two-phase scheme from April, but the ban on plastic food and drink containers for takeaways may only be implemented in 2025 or later. Greeners Action surveyed more than 1,000 people from October to November and found more than half were willing to bring their own utensils. Its senior public affairs officer, Beatrice Siu, told Vanessa Cheng that introducing a territory-wide borrow-and-return system would also help:
Pisa exam shows drop in students' reading skills  Listenfacebook
The Education Bureau says it will draw up targeted measures, after finding that Hong Kong dropped out of the top 10 for the first time in the reading category of the latest global benchmark assessments. Nearly 6,000 teenagers in Hong Kong took part in the Programme for International Student Assessment, or Pisa, last year, which also tests the competency of 15-year-olds in mathematics and science. Out of the 81 places participating, Hong Kong slipped from fourth to 11th in Reading, jumped two spots to seventh in Science, while Maths remained unchanged at fourth place. Professor Hau Kit-tai, the national project manager of Hong Kong Pisa, told Frank Yung about the latest results:
Govt proposes waiving referral letter for therapists  Listenfacebook
The Health Bureau has proposed allowing physiotherapists and occupational therapists to provide services directly to patients without a doctor's referral. It is hoped the plan would speed up treatment for patients. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Three firms debut on HK's new FINI platform  Listenfacebook
Three companies have debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange through the newly-launched Fini platform. They are the first batch of IPOs done through the digitalised platform which was introduced last month to boost the city's new listings market. Anne Chan reports:
Home-grown jet to make inaugural HK flight  Listenfacebook
Two home-grown aircraft - manufactured on the mainland - will be on display in Hong Kong next week. Then, one of the jets - a C919 - will conduct a fly-by over Victoria Harbour. It is a large commercial passenger aircraft which the nation hopes will one day challenge the dominance of Boeing and Airbus. Violet Wong reports:
China planes can challenge aviation duopoly  Listenfacebook
A transport economics scholar says the world will benefit from having more competition in the aircraft manufacturing industry, currently dominated by Airbus and Boeing. Professor Achim Czerny from Polytechnic University's Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies says the new C919 jet could compete with the Airbus 320 - a single-aisle aircraft which was the most popular in the world - while China's ARJ21 regional jet could supply the domestic air transport market which was the second-largest in the world and still growing. He spoke to Samantha Butler: