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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Peak flu season to hit Hong Kong next week  Listenfacebook
Health officials say the SAR will enter the peak winter flu season next week. The prediction is based on the number of people taken into hospital because of the sickness, as well as the number of severe cases recently. But as Elvis Yu reports, many of Hong Kong's vulnerable people are still unprotected from the flu:
Parents warned to look out for croup  Listenfacebook
A paediatrician is urging parents to get their children vaccinated against influenza and Covid, to prevent possible complications that could prove fatal. Dr Mike Kwan from the University of Hong Kong's paediatric department said there had been an increasing number of children recently admitted to hospital suffering from respiratory infections. He said one severe consequence was croup - which affected the airways and caused a loud cough. He told Samantha Butler that croup could be fatal if not properly treated:
Imported minibus drivers fail driving tests  Listenfacebook
A minibus operator has expressed disappointment after more than half of the imported drivers hired for one route failed their driving tests. But the Transport Department said the tests had only just begun and the current passing rate did not represent the full picture. As of Wednesday, about 50 imported drivers had arrived in Hong Kong and were undergoing training and driving tests. Damon Pang reports:
Jimmy Lai accused of funding propaganda campaign  Listenfacebook
The trial of former media tycoon Jimmy Lai has heard that the defendant was the mastermind and key financial supporter of an international campaign aimed at bringing down the Chinese government. Frank Yung reports:
Govt halts land sales amid poor market conditions  Listenfacebook
The government says it will not be putting a single residential or commercial site up for sale between January and March, citing recent failed tenders and Hong Kong's weak property market. Chairman of Professional Property Services, Nicholas Brooke, says this is not surprising. He told Anne Chan that the government's future land sale plan would depend on anticipated US interest rate cuts and market sentiment:
Retail sales up almost 16 percent  Listenfacebook
Figures show Hong Kong's retail sales bounced back in November, rising almost 16 percent year-on-year to about HK$34 billion. Wendy Wong reports:
HK's digital development 'bound to prosper'  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong is in a good position to develop its digital economy, according to the deputy head of the liaison office here. Liu Guangyuan described the city as having well-developed innovation and technology infrastructure. Chloe Feng reports:
New councillors discuss 'Instagrammable' spots  Listenfacebook
New district councillors have already been coming up with ways to showcase their districts. They have been suggesting ideas, such as putting up an I LOVE HK sign, as the new councils convene their first meetings. Kelly Yu reports:
Sai Kung councillor envisages town of cat murals  Listenfacebook
The Sai Kung District Council has suggested painting cat murals in the heart of the neighbourhood. Christine Fong, a Sai Kung district councillor, said she hoped the planned initiative would bring more visitors to the area. She said residents would have a chance to submit their cat photos to be turned into murals. She also told Kelly Yu that efforts were underway to showcase the local fishery culture:
Fake cinema snowstorm sparks debate  Listenfacebook
Videos have gone viral showing cinemagoers engulfed in fake snow as they watched "Shining for One Thing". The film has surpassed all other movie offerings this week on the mainland, raking in RMB600 million since its release on Saturday. Anne Chan reports: