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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Hundreds still trapped following Taiwan quake  Listenfacebook
Emergency responders in Taiwan are still trying to find more than 600 people who are believed to be trapped in collapsed buildings and tunnels after the powerful earthquake on Wednesday. The magnitude seven-point-four earthquake was the strongest to hit the island in 25 years. So far, 10 people are confirmed to have been killed, with more than 1,100 injured. A few dozen people are as yet unaccounted for, as Jacqueline Guico reports:
Reminder not to buy travel insurance too late  Listenfacebook
The head of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers has reminded holidaymakers to buy insurance soon after planning their trips. The Immigration Department says 34 Hongkongers in Taiwan sought help after the earthquake struck. Kelly Yu reports:
Price of paper offerings burn a hole in pockets  Listenfacebook
People headed to cemeteries across Hong Kong on Thursday to pay respects to their ancestors and to tidy their graves in a traditional custom for Ching Ming Festival. But as Elvis Yu reports, some complained about the price of offerings:
Dozens trapped by hill fire near Lamma  Listenfacebook
Firefighters were called to rescue 27 people on Thursday who found themselves trapped by a blaze which broke out on a small island off Lamma. Tony Sabine reports:
Mega venue needed for mega stars  Listenfacebook
The chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Group says he was surprised that business in the area during the Easter and Ching Ming break was similar to pre-pandemic times. Allan Zeman said big events, such as Art Basel and the Hong Kong Sevens, brought many visitors to the entertainment district but not to other areas of Hong Kong. Many local businesses complained about a drop in trade during the holiday as the number of people leaving town far outstripped the number coming in. Zeman told Samantha Butler that hosting international stars and mega events in Hong Kong would be the key to enticing tourists:
CHP investigates rare human case of B virus  Listenfacebook
An infectious diseases expert says it is important not to leave wounds from wild animals untreated. Wilson Lam was commenting over reports that a 37-year-old man is in a critical condition after testing positive for B virus, a type of herpes found naturally in macaque monkeys. He was said to have been wounded by one of the animals while out in a country park. Dr Lam told Elvis Yu that it was extremely rare for a human to be infected:
Yellen hoping to curb China green tech production  Listenfacebook
US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, is meeting top officials in China hoping to further stabilise ties, following a phone call between Presidents Xi and Biden - the first direct contact since November. On Thursday, she was in the southern factory hub of Guangzhou with a tough message for mainland officials: that China is producing too much of everything, especially clean energy goods, and the world cannot absorb it. Speaking to reporters before her trip, Yellen said the US was determined to nurture its own clean energy supply chain:
Scotland considers cage ban for chickens  Listenfacebook
Scotland could become the first part of the UK to ban egg companies from keeping chickens in cages. The Scottish government has announced a new consultation on outlawing the use of cages to house hens involved in egg production. RTHK's UK correspondent Peter Anderson told Annemarie Evans more about the consultation:
South Koreans bid tearful farewell to beloved panda  Listenfacebook
This week, South Koreans have had to bid farewell to Fu Bao, the first giant panda born in the country. Fu Bao was born in Seoul in 2020 but is making the journey to China because foreign zoos usually return any offspring from pandas loaned by Beijing within a few years of their birth to join China's breeding programme. Aaron Tam reports:
Hong Kong Sevens bids farewell to stadium  Listenfacebook
The Rugby Sevens kicks off at the Hong Kong Stadium on Friday night for the 30th and final time before the showpiece event moves to a new 50,000-seat venue being built in Kai Tak. For many rugby fans, the Stadium is synonymous with the Sevens and memories run deep. RTHK's sports reporter Jamie Clarke spoke to three people with strong emotional bonds to the tournament, to hear their stories about what made rugby at the iconic venue so special: