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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Four die in heavy rainstorms in Guangdong  Listenfacebook
Four people have died and 10 others are missing after storms battered the south of the nation. Guangdong province said it had so far relocated some 110,000 residents, with more than 25,000 people being urgently resettled. Natale Ching reports:
Landslides, flooding impede rescue efforts  Listenfacebook
CGTN reporter Omar Khan says regional authorities had sent out emergency warnings to residents amid the extremely unstable weather. He told Wendy Wong why parts of Guangdong were prone to flooding:
Majority of eateries still using plastic utensils  Listenfacebook
A catering sector representative says the majority of restaurants are still using plastic utensils despite a citywide ban on single-use plastics coming into effect on Monday. Although there is a six-month grace period for restaurants, eateries may soon start asking customers to pay for alternative eco-friendly forks and spoons. Anne Chan reports:
HK diners generally support plastics ban  Listenfacebook
Some customers have admitted that using plastic alternatives would at times be inconvenient and a number of restaurateurs RTHK spoke with have also said it would be a challenge because eco-friendly utensils cost substantially more than plastic ones. Violet Wong reports:
ReCube offering tableware rental plan  Listenfacebook
A social enterprise says it eventually hopes to monetise its reusable tableware scheme. Since March last year, ReCube has been partnering with restaurants on university campuses as well as the Science and Technology Park, to provide free reusable cups, containers and utensils for takeaways. Customers are charged HK$80 if they fail to return the products in time. ReCube's CEO, Kelvin Tsui, says the feedback has been positive, as customers found it convenient to borrow the tableware. He told Samantha Butler that he hoped customers and eateries could save costs by using their service and not having to pay for eco-friendly disposable alternatives:
Environmental report approved for San Tin Technopole  Listenfacebook
An advisory council has conditionally approved the environmental impact assessment for the San Tin Technopole project, despite heavy criticism from green groups. As Vanessa Cheng reports, the groups called the assessment, known as an EIA, "incomplete and unscientific":
New growth charts reflect taller and heavier kids  Listenfacebook
Health authorities say they are updating how they measure children's growth for the first time since 1993. They say the change reflects the fact that today's youngsters are typically taller and heavier. New charts are being rolled out to help check how a child's weight, height, and body mass index compares with that of their peers. Dr Thomas Chung, from the Department of Health, worked with experts from the Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong. He told Hailey Yip that there was a clear upward trend in the height and weight of children and teens in the territory:
Pledge from China's market regulator boosts HSI  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong stocks were given a boost on Monday after the nation's securities regulator pledged to help enhance the city's role as a global financial hub. Under the measures, the scope of eligible exchange-traded funds (ETFs) via stock exchange links will be widened, and real estate investment trusts (Reits) will be included for the first time. Kenny Wen, head of investment strategy at KGI Asia, told Chloe Feng that while mainland support could help, the market also rallied because of other factors:
US aid not a "game-changer" in Ukraine war  Listenfacebook
The Biden administration wants to start moving weapons and equipment into Ukraine within days of the anticipated passage this week of legislation that includes US$60 billion in military aid to Kyiv. Ukraine is running low on ammunition and staggering under a renewed Russian onslaught. Officials and experts agree that the artillery rounds, precision-guided missiles and air defenses will change the military outlook for Ukraine. But RTHK's Moscow correspondent, Fred Weir, told Annemarie Evans that the aid would not be a game-changer in the war, but would just prolong it:
Scientists cite rising cases of heat stress in Europe  Listenfacebook
EU climate groups say Europe is increasingly facing bouts of heat so intense that the human body cannot cope. In a report on Europe's climate, the EU's Copernicus climate monitoring service and the World Meteorological Organization noted that last year's extreme conditions, including a July heatwave, pushed 41 percent of southern Europe into strong, very strong or extreme heat stress. Azam Khan reports:
Tech Tuesday meets Meta's new AI assistant  Listenfacebook
Imagine seeing a friend's post on Facebook or Instagram and being able to directly ask an integrated AI assistant where your friend went for dinner and what was so good about the restaurant. Meta's latest open source generative AI model, Llama 3, aims to combine AI and social media to provide personalised information and advice. Meta touts Llama 3 as the most intelligent AI assistant that people around the world can freely use. So how powerful is it? Can Llama 3 really challenge the dominance of leading models such as ChatGPT? Elvis Yu and Raj Shroff find out in Tech Tuesday: