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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
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Kristie Ko and Ben Tse


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Probe launched into fatal manhole incident  Listenfacebook
Authorities have launched an investigation into the deaths of two workers who were working in a manhole in Sha Tin. It's suspected that they breathed in hydrogen sulfide and fainted. Two other men also fell ill while working in the underground site. Authorities say contractors related to the incident have been suspended from tendering for public works related to roads and drainage -- until they can demonstrate they have an effective safety management system in place. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Rights group call for enhanced safety measures for workers  Listenfacebook
A workers' rights group says it's angry about the incident, noting that two workers died at the same site in 2006. The Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims also urged the Labour Department to make it a mandatory rule for construction companies to notify the authorities before starting work in a manhole. The association's chief executive, Siu Sin-man spoke to Violet Wong:
More gas testing, mandatory video monitoring needed: Lam Chun-sing  Listenfacebook
Unionist legislator Lam Chun-sing says the government needs to further tighten up guidelines for people working in confined spaces in the wake of the deadly accident. Lam -- who chairs the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions -- told Ben Tse he'd like to see more stringent tests on hazardous gases, and mandatory video monitoring of workers inside manholes. He also says many questions remain about the latest fatal incident:
Terror suspects in shooting and bomb plot deny charges  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's first-ever trial under a United Nations anti-terrorism ordinance got underway at the High Court on Tuesday, over an alleged attempt to plant bombs and shoot police officers in 2019. Kelly Yu reports:
No need for fake news law in light of 'credible' media  Listenfacebook
The chief executive says the government will not pursue legislation against 'fake news'. John Lee says the media sector has improved credibility through professionalism and self-discipline, and acknowledged that there've been improvements in the dissemination of accurate information. Wendy Wong reports:
Govt will monitor price of eco-friendly tableware following plastics ban  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says the government is aware that eco-friendly tableware is more expensive than plastic cutlery, and that officials would monitor the supply and pricing of such products. As Kelly Yu reports, Mr Lee also said that the initial response to the ban on plastic tableware, which came into force on Monday, was positive:
Expo planned to draw in skilled talent  Listenfacebook
As part of its bid to attract talent, the government will host a global summit and expo next month, to try to encourage more skilled workers to come to Hong Kong. Damon Pang has more:
Rescue operations continue in Guangdong after landslides, floods  Listenfacebook
Rescue operations are ongoing after unseasonably heavy rain caused rivers to overflow, triggering landslides in flood-ravaged Guangdong province. It comes as the latest figures showed that four people have died as a result of the heavy rain, and 10 others are still missing. Provincial authorities have relocated some 110,000 residents so far. Natale Ching reports:
Police probe train-track jumper following viral video  Listenfacebook
Police are investigating after a video captured a man making a jump of more than two metres over train tracks from one platform to another in Fo Tan station. As Elvis Yu reports no arrests have been made over the stunt so far:
UK passes contentious bill to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda  Listenfacebook
Five migrants, including a child, have died in an attempt to cross the English Channel from France to Britain in an overcrowded small boat, hours after Britain passed a bill to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda in a move to deter such journeys. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he expects the first flights to take off in 10 to 12 weeks, giving time for further legal challenges from charities, campaigners and unions. Human rights groups and other critics say the policy is inhumane. Two United Nations top officials have called on the UK to reconsider its plan to transfer asylum seekers to Rwanda, warning the move would have a harmful impact on human rights and refugee protection. Our London correspondent Gavin Grey told AnneMarie Evans this is a key initiative for Sunak:
'Catch and kill' agreement aimed at protecting Trump: witness  Listenfacebook
The first witness in Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial, former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker, has testified that he used his supermarket tabloid to suppress stories that might have hurt Mr. Trump's 2016 presidential bid. Prosecutors say his actions helped the former president deceive voters by burying stories of alleged extramarital affairs at a time when he already faced multiple accusations of sexual misbehavior. Jacqueline Guico reports: