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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Beijing unveils new visa rules  Listenfacebook
The central government has announced measures to facilitate visits by mainland business representatives and skilled workers to Hong Kong. The SAR government welcomed the move, as Anne Chan reports:
More business visits expected under expanded scheme  Listenfacebook
Starry Lee, Hong Kong's sole delegate to the country's top legislature, says the multiple-entry visa scheme for skilled workers visiting Hong Kong could be extended again to include even more mainland cities. She told Anne Chan that more travel would be expected now that the scheme had been expanded beyond the Greater Bay Area to include workers from Beijing and Shanghai:
'New rules will boost SAR's competitiveness'  Listenfacebook
A lawmaker says the measures announced by the central government to facilitate visits by mainland business representatives and skilled workers to Hong Kong will have a strong and positive impact on the local economy. Shang Hai-long is the general manager of AI firm, SenseTime Hong Kong. He told Anne Chan that the new measures would enhance the SAR's competitiveness and strengthen its role as a "super connector":
China tells US to take positive view of its development  Listenfacebook
A mainland-based political commentator says relations between China and the United States have improved, but both countries need to work together to resolve conflicts. Einar Tangen, a senior fellow at the Taihe Institute and chairman of Asia Narratives, was commenting after President Xi Jinping said China and the US should be partners, not rivals, during his meeting with visiting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday. Blinken, in turn, told the Chinese leader that he looked forward to improving ties with Beijing. Tangen told Janice Wong that communication between the two countries was important amid global tensions:
Fatalities spur call for better training of sewer workers  Listenfacebook
Development minister Bernadette Linn says officials want to step up training of sewer workers. It is aimed at preventing incidents at manholes after two workers died in Sha Tin last week. Damon Pang reports:
FTU defends calls to scrap minimum wage  Listenfacebook
The Federation of Trade Unions has defended the need for the city to have a minimum wage. The group called for "reasonable and objective" discussion on the issue after a lawmaker suggested scrapping the basic hourly rate. Frank Yung reports:
Lawmakers scrutinise child abuse bill  Listenfacebook
Concern groups say proposed jail sentences for people who fail to report child abuse should be kept in place. Some lawmakers have described the prison term as too harsh and called for its removal. Anne Chan reports:
Officials accused of inaction over early school closure  Listenfacebook
Lawmakers and families of pupils at an aided Catholic school in Wan Chai have accused education officials of inaction over the institution's decision to shut earlier than it had originally planned. Rosaryhill Secondary School has announced ceasing operations after the 2025-26 academic year. Frank Yung reports:
Q1 GDP expected to be within forecast range  Listenfacebook
The government will unveil first-quarter GDP figures later this week. Financial Secretary Paul Chan says he expects the figures to be within the administration's forecast range. Damon Pang reports:
Protesters in Australia denounce violence against women  Listenfacebook
Rallies have taken place across Australia in response to a wave of recent violence against women. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says the government must do more to fight the problem, as Frank Yung reports:
Anti-war protesters dig in at US universities  Listenfacebook
Pro-Palestinian protests continue at major US universities. Around the world, in countries including the UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia, universities were also reported to have joined the movement in solidarity with US students and Palestinians. Over the weekend, hundreds of students were arrested by police. University administrators face a "major challenge" between balancing free speech and clamping down on alleged anti-Semitism. RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, told Samantha Butler that he expected anger among the protesters to continue to grow:
Thai scuba divers tackle 'ghost gear'  Listenfacebook
Scuba divers in Thailand are doubling as citizen scientists, removing abandoned fishing gear - known locally as "ghost gear". Over time, the gear - comprising ropes, nets, traps and other fishing equipment - break down into microplastics which threaten marine life and enter the human food chain. Now, efforts are underway to try and track the waste, to help formulate legislation and measures to prevent the dumping in the first place. Jacqueline Guico reports: