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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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24 died in Guangdong highway collapse  Listenfacebook
At least 24 people have died after part of a highway in eastern Guangdong collapsed. As Aaron Tam reports, the incident caused 20 vehicles to become trapped and involved a total of 54 people:
Changes to minimum wage formula welcomed  Listenfacebook
Unionists and industry leaders have been commenting on Hong Kong's new formula for calculating the minimum wage, a day after the government announced it would adopt the change. The chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions said the mechanism should place more weight on the growth of the SAR's economy. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Annual review of minimum wage will better protect workers  Listenfacebook
A unionist lawmaker has welcomed the decision to review the minimum wage annually instead of every two years. Lam Chun-sing, chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions, also says factoring in the city's economic growth and inflation better protects grassroots workers, some of whom did not have wage rises during the Covid pandemic. He told Samantha Butler that the new mechanism would have only a 'little impact' on employers in low-paying sectors:
CUHK computing model predicts virus strains  Listenfacebook
A Chinese University researcher says a new computing model could help authorities make better choices in selecting the strain of flu they vaccinate people against. Health officials have to choose which vaccine to order ahead of each flu season. Maggie Wang, who developed the new model with colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine, says it can predict how the virus will change in the future. Professor Wang, an expert in the field of bioinformatics, which develops methods and tools for understanding biological data, told Hailey Yip that the beth-1 model would give authorities early warnings of emerging virus variants:
HKO investigates reports of hail in Yuen Long  Listenfacebook
The Observatory says it is verifying social media posts which apparently showed hail falling in Hong Kong as the city was hit with storms from late Tuesday to Wednesday morning. Chloe Feng reports:
Rain stops in time for May Day fireworks  Listenfacebook
Locals and tourists alike packed Tsim Sha Tsui on Wednesday night to witness a dazzling fireworks display light up Victoria Harbour, as part of the Labour Day pyrotechnics show. As Azam Khan reports, it is the first in a series that are taking place to mark holidays and festivals:
China's newest aircraft carrier holds sea trials  Listenfacebook
The nation's third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, has conducted maiden sea trials. It is the most advanced aircraft carrier yet, as Natale Ching reports:
Tourists make most of cheap Yen  Listenfacebook
The continued slump in the Japanese Yen is making it more attractive for Hongkongers to go on shopping sprees in Japan. They are taking advantage of a stronger Hong Kong dollar that has appreciated some 30 percent against the Yen over the past three years. According to the city's travel agency, EGL Tours, the number of Hongkongers travelling to Japan has seen a notable uptick since after the Lunar New Year and has surged 20 percent year-on-year in both March and April. Many Hongkongers also bought Japanese Yen earlier this week when the currency hit a 34-year low. Maggie Kwong went to Tokyo for the May 1. Ahead of her trip, she told RTHK that the weak Yen gave her reason to shop more during her stay:
Japan won't be able to prop up Yen  Listenfacebook
An analyst at Mizuho Bank says the Yen may continue to be weak for some time, hovering at around 150 to 160 against the greenback. This came despite a noticeable rebound on speculation that Japanese central bankers had intervened in the market to prop up the currency. Ken Cheung, chief Asian FX strategist at the bank, told Chloe Feng that such interventions may have only a limited effect:
Japanese town builds wall to block view of Mt Fuji  Listenfacebook
The town of Fujikawaguchiko has had enough of tourists. It is known for a number of scenic photo spots that offer a near-perfect shot of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji. But now it is building a large black screen on a sidewalk to block the view of the mountain. Aaron Tam explains why:
M+ photography exhibit is a study of contrasts  Listenfacebook
There is something unique about viewing history through vintage black and white photography. In RTHK's arts and culture podcast, Broad Strokes, Ben Tse and Jacqueline Guico explore the first photography exhibition at M+, delve into the debut album of one of Hong Kong’s top saxophonists, and find out how characters of celebrated martial arts novelist, Jin Yong, have come to life: