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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Hailey Yip


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Weightlifting body in 'one-China' blunder  Listenfacebook
The city's weightlifting and powerlifting body has apologised for an earlier remark made by its chairwoman which the government said was a suspected violation of the one-China principle. As Frank Yung reports, the Hong Kong, China Weightlifting and Powerlifting Association said Josephine Ip made the blunder with the intention of simplifying a long sentence when giving a speech last week:
Protest song ruling helps define 'red line'  Listenfacebook
The Justice Secretary is urging internet service providers to remove the 2019 protest song "Glory to Hong Kong" as soon as possible. Paul Lam says an injunction over the song helps define the red line and provides a stronger deterrence against those who would use it as a tool to promote "Hong Kong independence". Kelly Yu reports:
More mainland students fall victim to scams  Listenfacebook
Police have called on mainland students in Hong Kong to be extra vigilant, saying there has been a rise in the number of phone scams targeting them. Senior inspector Eddie Lam said the force was stepping up promotional efforts and had taken to social media to step up its anti-scam campaign. He told Anne Chan that in the first quarter of this year, 39 mainland students fell victim to fraudsters, as opposed to just 29 such cases in the same period last year:
Another eight mainland cities added to travel scheme  Listenfacebook
The government says an expansion of the individual travellers scheme will bring more overnight tourists to the SAR. As Priscilla Ng reports, Financial secretary Paul Chan says the administration will look to do even more to boost spending and attract visitors:
More efforts needed to retain nursing staff  Listenfacebook
A lawmaker and a nursing professor says the government's plan to allow non-locally trained nurses to practise in Hong Kong without taking a licensing exam has its drawbacks. As Frank Yung reports, they said more should be done to retain local nurses and keep them in the public sector:
Reduce nurses wage gap between public and private sectors  Listenfacebook
DAB legislator Edward Leung says the plan to import nurses could help alleviate a labour shortage at public hospitals in the long run, but initially may add to the workload of local nurses. He spoke to Frank Yung on International Nurses Day:
HA streamlines drug application process  Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority says it is seeking to streamline the process for adding new drugs to its registry. It is aiming to cut in half the time needed to obtain the medicines. Damon Pang reports:
'Xi ramping up diplomacy with Europe tour'  Listenfacebook
A mainland-based political commentator says President Xi Jinping's latest trip to Europe is a clear sign that Beijing is ramping up its people-to-people diplomacy as it seeks to boost economic ties with countries there. Einar Tangen, senior fellow at the Taihe Institute, was commenting after President Xi wrapped up his five-day tour in France, Serbia, and Hungary last week. He told Chloe Feng that the president was on a charm-offensive, signing trade deals and pledging investments:
US to announce new tariffs on Chinese EVs  Listenfacebook
President Biden is expected to announce new tariffs on China on Tuesday targeting strategic sectors, including a major hike in levies on electric vehicles. This comes amid calls from some US lawmakers who want an outright ban on Chinese EVs. RTHK's US economics correspondent, Barry Wood, in Washington, told Janice Wong that the tariffs on Chinese EVs would probably increase four-fold to 100 percent of the car:
Analysts says pro-Palestinian protests will spread  Listenfacebook
A Beijing-based political analyst says the growing wave of university campus protests around the world in solidarity with Gaza will not go away unless the bombs and bullets stop in the besieged enclave. The remark comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signalled a "full-scale" assault of Rafah in Gaza - despite US warnings. Einar Tangen, a senior fellow at the Taihe Institute, told Chloe Feng that while the latest student protests in Europe tended to be milder compared to the ones in the US, he believed the movement would spread to other parts of the world:
Apple's US workers authorise strike  Listenfacebook
Unionised workers at an Apple store in the US state of Maryland have voted to authorise a strike, which would mark the first such labour action against the retailer in the United States if it goes forward. Sean Kennedy reports:
HKers spoil mums on Mother's Day  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong celebrated Mother's Day in style on Sunday, with families gathering for big meals and children buying flowers as a show of love for their mums. Anne Chan spoke to some families:
Locals 'zone out' to raise awareness on mental health  Listenfacebook
Around 100 Hongkongers who have mastered the art of doing nothing gathered at the Cha Kwo Ling Promenade on Sunday for a zoning out contest. The “Chill and Relax Festival” was jointly organised by the Development Bureau, the Harbourfront Commission and the Playground Association to raise awareness over the importance of mental health. Kelly Yu was there to check things out: