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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Hailey Yip and Ben Tse


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Xi and Putin hail nations' ties in 'chaotic world'  Listenfacebook
President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have hailed their nations' ties as a stabilising force in a chaotic world, as they met on Thursday in Beijing. Putin is on a two-day state visit to China, his first trip abroad since his March re-election, and will look to secure more economic and diplomatic support from Beijing. Wendy Wong reports:
Govt unveils extreme weather contingency plans  Listenfacebook
The government says new measures, including arrangements for MTR trains when the second-highest typhoon signal is issued, will help Hong Kong better cope with extreme weather. Natale Ching reports:
'Use green bonds to speed up hydrogen transition'  Listenfacebook
A local think tank says Hong Kong could have a faster transition to using hydrogen energy by issuing green bonds and other instruments to finance its development. Civic Exchange made the recommendation in its study of the clean energy source. The government is expected to publish its strategy on hydrogen energy in the first half of this year, in a bid to de-carbonise the city. Civic Exchange analyst, Wing Tsang, told Violet Wong that the government needed to address the high costs and insufficient infrastructure of hydrogen energy here:
Convicted social workers could be de-registered  Listenfacebook
The government says social workers could be barred from the profession if they are convicted of a crime which could potentially attract a prison sentence. As Damon Pang reports, it is among a series of proposed changes that the government says will improve the statutory body overseeing the profession:
Personal data warning over spam-blocking apps  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council has warned people who use apps to block spam callers that their personal data may be at risk. The Vice-Chairman of the council's Publicity and Community Relations Committee, Kenneth Chan, told Anne Chan that the watchdog investigated five apps and found two had uploaded details from the user's list of contacts onto their databases:
Tentative pay trend findings released for civil servants  Listenfacebook
Initial results from a survey of private sector salaries used to adjust civil service pay indicate that civil servants may get pay rises of up to 5.47 percent this year. But other factors will be considered before the government finalises its pay proposals. Frank Yung reports:
Legco discusses security of payment bill  Listenfacebook
The Development Bureau has proposed legislation to make it easier for contractors in the construction sectors to get paid on time. It says the changes should also help workers avoid wage arrears. Natale Ching reports:
Immigration HQ to move to Tseung Kwan O  Listenfacebook
New arrangements for ID card replacement have been announced as the Immigration Department prepares to move to Tseung Kwan O next month. Kelly Yu reports:
CE declares 'health is wealth' at global summit  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee has highlighted the importance of public health at the "Asia Summit on Global Health", which was attended by some 2,500 policymakers, academics and medical professionals. Senior Beijing official Cao Xuetao also took part and told the event that Hong Kong was using its geopolitical advantages to promote healthcare development. Kelly Yu reports:
Children's hospital to launch city's first breast milk bank  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Children Hospital says it will open the SAR's first breast milk bank next year. It will collect milk from breastfeeding mothers who produce a surplus, which will be used to help premature and critically-ill babies whose mothers are unable to breastfeed. The bank will only accept donations from healthy mothers who do not smoke. It aims to collect about 800 litres of milk each year, which would benefit up to 600 newborns. Dr Lee Tsz-leung, the hospital's chief executive, told Kimmy Lau about the benefits of such a service:
Meeting breast milk target 'possible, but will take time'  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association says a breast milk bank is a good initiative to help premature and critically-ill babies, but it could take time to ramp up supply. Jacy Chan, chair of the association, told Vanessa Cheng that more promotion would be needed to encourage mothers to donate their milk:
Threat of sanctions hangs over India-Iran port deal  Listenfacebook
India has signed a 10-year contract with Iran to operate a port, close to Iran's border with Pakistan. India already had an agreement to develop the strategically-important Chabahar port in 2016, but earlier this week, it signed a deal to develop it further. India's shipping minister hailed it as a "historic moment in India-Iran ties". But as RTHK's South Asia correspondent, Murali Krishnan explains, the move may not go down well with the US, which has warned of potential sanctions for any country doing business deals with Tehran. He spoke to Annemarie Evans:
Fiba 3x3 final to take place in Hong Kong  Listenfacebook
World basketball's governing body, Fiba, says it is bringing another major 3x3 tournament to Hong Kong this year. The SAR hosted Olympic qualifiers last month and will now stage the final of the World Tour for the first time on November 23 and 24. A Hong Kong team will have a chance to participate if they make it through a play-in tournament. Matthew Li, media director of the local organising committee, highlighted to Hailey Yip the significance of the event:
Scandal and intrigue threaten to upstage Cannes 2024  Listenfacebook
The Cannes Film Festival has officially kicked off, with a host of stars walking the red carpet on Tuesday night ahead of the opening ceremony - in which Hollywood actor Meryl Streep was awarded an honorary Palme d'Or. But as Samantha Butler reports, some of this season's hotly-anticipated films are not the only things to watch out for at the 10-day event: