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China follows through with threat to ‘make Canada pay’  Listenfacebook
Professor David Zweig, the director of the Center on China’s Transnational Relations at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Thursday said Beijing is taking a tough stance over the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver. The central government confirmed on Thursday that it had detained two Canadians on suspicion of endangering national security. Professor Zweig told AnneMarie Evans what he made of the two detentions
‘Government should take control of badly-run care homes’  Listenfacebook
The Ombudsman on Thursday said laws and regulations governing elderly care homes are in urgent need of an update. The watchdog said several serious forms of mistreatment, including abuse, incorrect administering of drugs and the improper use of restraints are not covered by the existing ordinance. Ombudsman Connie Lau said these loopholes should be closed as soon as possible. The watchdog is also taking the Social Welfare Department to task over its monitoring of care homes and enforcement against those that breach their licence requirements. It said the department's current efforts fail to act as a deterrent or encourage improvements. Lau said no licences have been revoked over the past four years, and conviction rates are low. Ben Tse asked Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung if he was surprised by the Ombudsman's findings and recommendations
Nasa probe to send back vital data on Sun’s atmosphere  Listenfacebook
Just weeks after making the closest-ever flyby of the Sun, Nasa's Parker Solar Probe is sending back its data. Included in the observations are images of the energetic gas, or plasma, flowing out from the star. The Nasa mission was launched back in August to study the mysteries of the Sun's outer atmosphere, or corona. AnneMarie Evans told David Baker, the UK-based editor of Spaceflight Magazine how impressed she was with the probe's capabilities