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'BRI Forum will help HK build a Clean Silk Road'

2023-10-17 HKT 09:19
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  • 'BRI Forum will help HK build a Clean Silk Road'
Hong Kong’s graftbuster says it will be looking to deepen its insights into the country’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) at a major forum in Beijing this week as it looks to strengthen its role in helping partner countries prevent corruption in massive infrastructure projects associated with the programme.

Danny Woo, head of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), is one of around 70 delegates led by the Chief Executive to attend the third Belt and Road Forum in the capital – an event that will draw in business and political heavyweights from more than 130 countries and regions.

“[The forum] provides a unique opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of the mission, progress and achievements of the initiative, so that we can make better contributions to it," Woo said.

The ICAC has been working to build a “Clean Silk Road” by providing training courses for member countries and sharing with them Hong Kong’s extensive experience in stamping out corruption.

It had given a weeklong course earlier this month for graftbusters from 13 African and Asian countries, to outline various corruption prevention practices and tell them about how authorities in Hong Kong and the mainland have implemented measures to ensure that large infrastructure projects remain corruption-free.

“The Belt and Road Initiative involves many major infrastructure projects. Many countries attach great important to these projects, but at the same time are worried that corruption may hinder their development," he said.

Woo believes Hong Kong is in a strong position to help BRI partners in the fight against corruption, given its long history of combatting graft, its strong global connections, and the staunch backing of the nation under ‘One Country, Two Systems.’

"Leveraging this distinct advantage, as well as ICAC's successful experience in fighting corruption in Hong Kong in the past five decades, we have been making continuous and proactive efforts to share our experience and good practices with other Belt and Road countries," he said.

"Through such mutual exchange and collaboration, the graft-fighting capacity of all parties will be strengthened."

Woo is expected to give a speech on the SAR’s anti-corruption efforts during the two-day forum in the capital.

'BRI Forum will help HK build a Clean Silk Road'