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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
China blasts Germany for meeting Joshua Wong  Listenfacebook
Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong is in Berlin to drum up European support for more democratic freedoms for Hong Kong. The 22-year-old met the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas - a meeting China branded as 'disrespectful'. Cecil Wong reports.
Tycoon tells UN of protests' ‘irreparable scars’  Listenfacebook
Billionaire casino tycoon Pansy Ho has addressed a session of the United Nations human rights body to urge the international community to condemn violent protesters in Hong Kong. Representing a local women's group, Ho echoed the government's condemnation of radical protesters, saying there had been 130 protests since June 9, with over 110 ending in "unprovoked" violence. She said teenagers had been indoctrinated with police hatred and anti-establishment beliefs at school. Earlier, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam tried to reassure foreign investors that Hong Kong could rebound from months of protests. Lam was speaking at a forum on China's Belt and Road infrastructure in Wan Chai, where mainland officials accused extremist foreign forces of provoking violent protests here. Altis Wong reports.
Protest sing-a-long at shopping malls  Listenfacebook
Thousands of people have gathered in various shopping malls across the city to chant slogans and sing protest songs in the latest act of defiance during three months of anti-government demonstrations. Richard Pyne reports.
Engineers warn of dangers of tear gas residue  Listenfacebook
A group of chemical engineers is warning it has found potentially harmful tear gas residue lingering on various surfaces for up to three weeks after it was fired by police officers during clashes with protesters. Joanne Wong reports.
Suspended jail terms for liaison office protest  Listenfacebook
League of Social Democrats chairman Avery Ng and Demosisto chairman Ivan Lam have each been given suspended prison sentences over a protest outside Beijing's liaison office in 2016. Wendy Wong reports.
HK bourse makes surprise bid for LSE  Listenfacebook
A plan to merge two of the world's largest stock exchanges is now in the pipeline. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has proposed a US$36 billion offer to buy the London Stock Exchange Group. Altis Wong reports.
Govt slammed over pace of land resumption  Listenfacebook
The DAB party has criticised the government for its "turtle-like pace" in finding new plots of land for public housing. The party echoed a call by its pro-democracy rivals to make use of the Land Resumption Ordinance to find new sites. The democrats accused the DAB of making a U-turn for political reasons - a claim the pro-government party denied. Damon Pang reports.
New Macau leader pledges to unite society  Listenfacebook
A political scientist says comments from President Xi Jinping and the incoming Macau leader show they recognise the need to stabilise Macau and prove the success of the One Country, Two Systems principle. The Macau Chief-Executive-elect, Ho Iat-seng, was in Beijing on Wednesday for a ceremony to confirm his appointment. Eilo Yu from the University of Macau told Ian Pooler that Ho wanted to pay more attention to housing and economic issues to ensure stability, given the ongoing anti-government protests in the HKSAR.
Designers tackle fashion’s waste problem  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong throws away about 370 tonnes of textiles a day. This wastage is a global problem, and one that is projected to get worse. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, with the production of new clothes to meet ever-growing demand taking a huge toll on the planet's limited resources. In the first of a two-part series, Richard Pyne speaks to designers and manufacturers who believe they can turn this around.