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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
US senator warns Hong Kong is becoming a police state   Listenfacebook
US senator Josh Hawley says Hong Kong is sliding towards becoming a police state. He's one of the sponsors of a bill that would sanction officials who undermine people's rights in the SAR and is expected to be discussed in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act has angered Beijing but has growing bipartisan support. Sean Kennedy reports:
Tens of thousands rally in support of US HK bill   Listenfacebook
US Senator Josh Hawley flew back to Washington on Monday just ahead of a huge rally in Central to support the US bill on Hong Kong. Organisers said 130,000 people turned out, as Damon Pang reports:
Police say remote-controlled bomb used on Nathan Road   Listenfacebook
The police said on Monday that a remote-controlled improvised explosive device, similar to those used in terrorist attacks overseas, was detonated on Nathan Road on Sunday. Nobody was hurt. But the force believes its officers were the target and said violent anti-government protesters have become evil. Timmy Sung has the details:
Pepper spray added to off-duty police armoury   Listenfacebook
The police have expanded the armoury off-duty officers are allowed to carry to protect themselves to include pepper spray. This comes a month after they were sanctioned to take their batons home and follows a string of attacks deliberately targeting police at the weekend. Damon Pang reports:
Hogtied driver says he was beaten up in Mong Kok Police Station   Listenfacebook
A Now TV driver, who says he was beaten up by officers inside Mong Kok Police Station early Monday morning, has not been arrested and was only taken there for his own safety because petrol bombs were being thrown in the area, according to police. Altis Wong reports:
Academics warn against delay in DC elections  Listenfacebook
A group of eight academics have jointly warned the government against delaying or cancelling next month's district council elections. They said such a move would strip Hong Kong people of their political rights and further escalate social tensions. Dr Chung Kim-wah, from the Polytechnic University’s Department of Applied Social Sciences, is one of the group's members. He spoke to Mike Weeks:
Survey highlights demand for small house policy review   Listenfacebook
The Concerning Grassroots Housing Rights Alliance has urged the government to thoroughly review of the small house policy. This comes after a survey it conducted of around 300 people found 90 percent want this privilege for male indigenous villagers to be curtailed. Roy Ng is a Conservancy Association campaign manager. Ian Pooler asked him why respondents are opposed to the village house policy: