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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Health officials weren’t consulted on return to work   Listenfacebook
The Centre for Health Protection has revealed it was not consulted on the government’s decision for public servants to start returning to work on Monday. It warns the move is likely to increase the risk of the further spread of the coronavirus over the next week, with the private sector expected to follow the government's lead. Three more infections were confirmed on Sunday, raising the total number of cases in Hong Kong to 98. Richard Pyne reports:
Decision to reopen government offices ‘came as surprise’  Listenfacebook
A professor at the University of Hong Kong's Department of Social Work and Social Administration said he’s surprised that the government didn’t consult its health experts on the gradual return to the office of civil servants from Monday. Paul Yip said it’s true that Hong Kong people have to resume normal life some time, but it’s also important to ensure transmission of the coronavirus can be kept as low as possible. He told Mike Weeks that in view of the spread of the new disease around the world, he was a bit surprised by the administration’s decision:
HKU medical faculty chief warns that outbreak has not peaked   Listenfacebook
A prominent medical expert is warning that Hong Kong's containment strategy for Covid-19 could soon be tested as countries around the world start seeing waves of infections. Professor Gabriel Leung also said mainland China could soon see a 'second wave' of the coronavirus as people there start returning to work. Jimmy Choi reports:
School hiatus: an interesting experiment in education   Listenfacebook
While civil servants and workers at some private companies were set to go back to work this week, schools in Hong Kong remain firmly closed. Classes were suspended at Chinese New Year and initially supposed to restart in mid-February, which then became mid-March, and has now been pushed back past Easter, until April 20. So how have children and their parents been coping and what's being learned? Janice Wong has been finding out:
More than 100 arrested over Mong Kok violence   Listenfacebook
The police said 115 people were arrested over the clashes that erupted in Mong Kok on Saturday night. The force also defended an officer who drew his gun during the melee and pointed it at protesters. The violence erupted six months after the storming of Prince Edward MTR station by riot police, and a day after the force arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai and two other leading pro-democracy figures for taking part in an illegal protest on August 31, 2019. Damon Pang reports:
Washington declares emergency following coronavirus death   Listenfacebook
The Governor of the State of Washington has declared a state of emergency following the death in Seattle of the first American from Covid-19. Media reports - quoting epidemiologists - suggest the coronavirus may have been spreading in the west-coast state for several weeks, possibly infecting hundreds of people. RTHK's US-based international economics correspondent, Barry Wood, is currently in Silicon Valley. Mike Weeks asked him why Washington had declared a state of emergency: