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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
FTU hopes thousands more HKers will be rescued from Hubei ASAP   Listenfacebook
The government has completed its first operation to evacuate Hong Kong people stranded in Hubei province, which has been in lockdown since late January after Covid-19 broke out there the month before. In total, 469 residents were flown out of Wuhan on Wednesday and Thursday but that still leaves some 3,500 trapped in other cities and towns in Hubei. The Federation of Trade Unions has been assisting Hong Kong people stranded in the province. One of the pro-Beijing union organisation’s lawmakers, Alice Mak, told Ian Pooler she hopes the rest will be brought back to Hong Kong soon:
WHO urges the world not to give up on Covid-19 containment   Listenfacebook
The head of the World Health Organisation has urged countries battling the coronavirus not to give up on containment. Speaking in Geneva, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was concerned by the number of places reporting cases around the world, but that there was also evidence the virus could be pushed back. On Thursday, no new Covid-19 infections were reported in Hong Kong. However, health authorities are trying to trace the close contacts of a woman who came down with the disease after spending most of last month in western India. Infectious disease experts at the University of Hong Kong are also carrying out genetic tests on the coronavirus they extracted from a dog that's tested positive for the new coronavirus, as Richard Pyne reports:
Pet owners told they ‘must not panic’ over infected dog   Listenfacebook
The world's first known case of human-to-animal transmission of Covid-19 involves a Pomeranian dog that belongs to a Hong Kong coronavirus patient. Another pet dog and a cat have been quarantined after their owners came down with the new respiratory disease, although both have tested negative for the virus. But just how worried should pet owners be? Ian Pooler asked Professor Vanessa Barrs, from City University’s Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health:
Japan restricts travellers from Hong Kong   Listenfacebook
Japan announced on Thursday that it is suspending visa-free access for Hong Kong passport holders because of the spread of Covid-19. All travellers from the SAR and elsewhere in China will from Monday also face two weeks of quarantine when they land in Japan. Richard Pyne reports:
Restaurants warned against barring mainland customers   Listenfacebook
The Society for Community Organisation (Soco) has warned that restaurants refusing to serve Putonghua-speaking customers could be violating discrimination laws. The group says a survey it carried out last month identified dozens of eateries that explicitly state they don’t welcome customers from the mainland or those who speak Putonghua - except Taiwanese people - citing concerns about the coronavirus epidemic. Soco's spokesman Richard Tsoi told Janice Wong more about the study:
CSI mask investigation launched   Listenfacebook
The Ombudsman has launched an investigation into the unauthorised use and sale of government-produced face masks. This follows reports that the green surgical masks, marked "CSI" for Correctional Services Industries, have turned up for sale or been handed out in street markets as demand for them soared during the coronavirus outbreak. Altis Wong has the details:
Flyovers to nowhere raise questions about city planning   Listenfacebook
The Office of the Ombudsman revealed on Thursday that it’s been looking at roads that go nowhere, or more specifically, and worryingly, flyovers. The government watchdog says these give the impression that city planning is not well thought out. Violet Wong has the details: