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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Pubs and bars join coronavirus casualties   Listenfacebook
The government has made another U-turn in its response to the coronavirus crisis. Officials have now ordered bars and pubs to shut down for two weeks, from 6pm six on Friday. It had earlier allowed them to continue operating as long as they introduced social-distancing measures. Timmy Sung reports:
Beauty parlours remain open despite CHP warning   Listenfacebook
Two beauticians were among 37 people confirmed to have Covid-19 on Thursday. One of them is a friend and colleague of another beauty parlour worker, who became the first person in the industry to be diagnosed with the disease on Wednesday. The Centre for Health Protection's Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan says beauty treatment should be avoided at a time like this. But many other experts are calling for beauty and massage parlours to be temporarily closed. Patrons and staff must wear face masks and have their temperatures taken. But a top public health doctor at the Medical Association, Leung Chi-chiu, told Candice Wong that's not enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus:
Help needed for workers worldwide   Listenfacebook
There's been another massive increase in the weekly total of unemployment claims in the United States as more and more companies shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. The latest figure, 6.65 million, is more than double that of the week before. Before the health crisis began, the highest figure for weekly new unemployment insurance claims in the US was below 700,000. President Trump assured the people of America that his government would support small businesses if they pay their workers. In Hong Kong, the Labour Party has called on the government to help the self-employed as well as people who’ve been forced to take unpaid leave because of the coronavirus shutdown. It recommended the government cover up to 80 percent of these workers' salaries, capped at HK$16,000 a month. It said this will help up to 180,000 workers, and would cost around HK$16 billion. Janice Wong asked Labour Party member Carol Ng - the chair of the Confederation of Trade Unions- what sort of difficulties workers are facing:
RTHK accused of breaching ‘1-China principle’ in questioning WHO   Listenfacebook
RTHK has hit back at accusations from the government that it breached the "One-China principle", as well as its mission as a public service broadcaster, in questioning a top World Health Organisation official over whether the public health body would reconsider Taiwan's membership. The exchange came in a recent episode of the English-language current affairs programme, The Pulse, as Richard Pyne reports:
Court hours could be extended to deal with protest backlog   Listenfacebook
The Judiciary may extend court hours and reopen an old court building in order to handle the huge number of cases connected to the violent unrest, triggered by the government's attempt to amend Hong Kong's extradition laws last summer. Candice Wong has the details:
Court rules that police don’t need a warrant to search phones   Listenfacebook
The Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that the police have the power to go through an arrested person's mobile phone without a warrant, overturning an earlier judgment in a case involving pro-democracy activists. The police brought the challenge over a lower court's ruling in October 2017 that officers can only search an arrestee's phone in an emergency situation. Jimmy Choi reports:
Privacy chief sounds warning on video-conferencing tools   Listenfacebook
The Privacy Commissioner, Stephen Wong, has added his voice to warnings about online video-conferencing tools, as use of such applications rise amid the coronavirus shutdown. He said users must be aware of privacy risks. Wong was speaking to Ian Pooler about reports of a suspected data transfer to third parties of users of the Zoom platform: