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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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Selected audio segments:
HK reports 31,000 Covid infections, 153 deaths  Listenfacebook
Health authorities say it's early too judge whether the fifth wave of Covid has peaked, even though daily infections fell to around 31,000 on Sunday. As Frank Yung reports, the death toll remains high:
Beijing questions private hospitals’ role in Covid fight  Listenfacebook
The state leader in charge of Hong Kong affairs, Han Zheng, is reported to have questioned why private hospitals in the city aren’t helping to treat Covid patients. As Natale Ching reports, the Vice-Premier was particularly concerned about the plight of the old and very young during the current Omicron onslaught:
Beijing call on private hospitals ‘unprecedented’  Listenfacebook
A China government and international relations specialist has described a call from Beijing for Hong Kong’s private hospitals to play a bigger role in the fight against Covid as “unprecedented”. Jean-Pierre Cabestan from the Department of Government and International Studies at the Baptist University told Vicky Wong that it shows the Beijing authorities are really getting into the details of how the SAR government is handling the Covid-19 crisis:
‘Clearer private hospital role in fight against Covid’  Listenfacebook
A doctor from the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association says the government should set clearer roles for different private hospitals so they can help fight the pandemic better. Henry Yeung said not all private hospitals should take in Covid patients, as it's also important that non-Covid patients with serious illnesses can receive treatment in a safe, Omicron-free setting. But he told Jimmy Choi that the government should mobilise those private hospitals which are able and willing to take in Covid patients, while allowing others to focus on handling non-Covid cases:
Give elderly four Covid jabs: expert  Listenfacebook
A government vaccine advisor says the elderly should get four Covid shots instead of the current three. Professor Lau Yu-lung made the comments after Covid outbreaks were reported in 94 more care homes on Sunday, involving more than 840 residents and staff. That means over 80 percent of Hong Kong's care homes have now been hit by Covid-19. He begins by telling Janice Wong that he doesn’t think Hong Kong has reached the peak of the fifth-wave yet, and that we should wait a few more days:
US mulls Russia oil import bans  Listenfacebook
The American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken says the US has been talking to European allies about the possibility of banning oil imports from Russia - to try to further isolate the Russian economy. But with oil prices already high such a move could also lead to pain for US motorists and consumers generally. RTHK’s Washington correspondent, Barry Wood told Vicky Wong that a ban on oil imports could happen, but president Joe Biden would be wary that it could hurt Americans, given elections in November this year: