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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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People urged to remain vigilant against Covid  Listenfacebook
Health officials have warned people not to let down their guard, as the covonavirus situation in the city remains severe. Hong Kong confirmed more than 32,000 new cases on Sunday, and 190 Covid-related deaths. Jimmy Choi reports:
Govt pledges more support to those in home isolation  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, says the government believes there could be some 300,000 Covid patients and their close contacts currently undergoing isolation or quarantine at home. She said authorities were trying to step up support for these families. Wendy Wong reports:
Covid jab advice for recovered patients  Listenfacebook
Government advisers on Covid-19 vaccination have laid down their recommendations on the number of doses people should take after they've been infected with the coronavirus. Natale Ching reports:
Mainland hiring target falls short  Listenfacebook
Labour Secretary Law Chi-kwong says the government has so far hired around 120 temporary carers from the mainland to look after the elderly amid the latest outbreak. As Jimmy Choi reports, the figure is far short of the number of workers needed:
Action warned against fake Covid news  Listenfacebook
The Chief Secretary, John Lee, has warned that authorities will take action against people who spread rumours about the government's anti-epidemic work. He was commenting on a photo circulating online which claimed that the ceiling of a toilet had collapsed at a community isolation centre. Wendy Wong reports:
Businesses appeal to landlords for rent relief  Listenfacebook
Businesses hit hard by the government’s Covid-19 restrictions have joined hands to support the Financial Secretary’s three-month rent relief proposal, saying the arrangement is urgently needed to help them ride out the current crisis. Natale Ching reports:
Mainland tackles worst Covid outbreak in two years  Listenfacebook
All 17 million residents of Shenzhen have been told to stay home as the number of coronavirus cases doubled nationwide on Sunday to nearly 3,400. Anxiety is mounting over the resilience of the mainland's 'zero-Covid' approach in the face of the worst outbreak there in two years. Todd Harding reports:
Omicron cases peak in Western Australia  Listenfacebook
Western Australia (WA) has just about reached the peak of its Omicron infections. The Australian state re-opened its hard border on March 3, after having taken a 'zero-Covid' approach during the pandemic. The Omicron sub-variant BA2, which is more transmissible than BA1, makes up more than 25 percent of all WA cases. BA2 is also the dominant strain circulating in Hong Kong. Speaking from Perth, RTHK's Australia correspondent, Gerry Gannon, told Vicky Wong that the state was prepared, and the impact of Covid-19 wasn't as severe as in other Australian states:
'Two sessions' highlights economy, employment  Listenfacebook
The week-long annual sessions of the nation's top advisory body, the CPPCC, and it's parliament, the National People's Congress, wrapped up on Friday against the backdrop of a war in Ukraine and a surge in Covid-19 cases. Premier Li Keqiang set an ambitious goal of 5.5 percent economic growth for the year, while the defense budget received a 7.1 percent boost. China specialist, Willy Lam, says this is an important year for the central leadership with President Xi Jinping expecting to seek a third term at the 20th Party Congress. He told Janice Wong that the president and his administration want to see a stable economy and employment situation:
China, US to hold talks over Ukraine  Listenfacebook
The United States and China are sending top aides to meet in Rome on Monday amid mounting tensions between the two countries over the Russia-Ukraine war, and as a US official reports that Russia in recent days has asked China for military equipment to help press its campaign. In advance of the talks, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan bluntly warned China to avoid helping Russia evade punishment from global sanctions that have hammered the Russian economy. He also warned of 'severe consequences' should Russia use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. RTHK's Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, told Vicky Wong that Sullivan didn't specify what the consequences could be: