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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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Penalties increase over Covid rules  Listenfacebook
The government is toughening punishment for people who refuse to comply with its compulsory Covid-19 notices in order to strengthen what officials call the “deterrent effect”. It comes as more than 7,500 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday, the second day in a row that infections were below 8,000. Most of those were reported by people taking rapid antigen tests. Officials also reported 149 more Covid-related deaths at public hospitals, taking the toll in the fifth wave to 7,358. Jimmy Choi reports:
QE Hospital hopes to restart non-Covid services  Listenfacebook
Doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital say the medical condition of their coronavirus patients has improved since it was converted into a Covid-19 treatment facility earlier this month. They also say with case loads dropping, they hope the hospital can restart other medical services soon. Mike Weeks reports:
CE welcomes visiting TCM experts  Listenfacebook
Seven Chinese medicine experts, who have arrived from the mainland, have been asked to visit homes for the elderly to see how they might improve treatment for Covid and infection prevention. This was revealed by the Chief Executive, as she welcomed the group at the border. Damon Pang reports:
Most teachers oppose resuming in-person lessons  Listenfacebook
The Federation of Education Workers says more than 70 percent of teachers are opposed to the plan to resume face-to-face classes three weeks from now. That's the finding of a survey the union carried out of more than 1,300 teachers at primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Violet Wong reports:
Covid rules may dampen Ramadan festivities  Listenfacebook
The Kowloon Mosque is hopeful it will be able to reopen for prayer for at least part of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The government has said Covid restrictions will be relaxed in phases, with places of worship among the venues that can reopen on April 21. Hong Kong's largest mosque says it will be ready, as Damon Pang reports:
New AI system determines Covid viral load from photo  Listenfacebook
A group of researchers here say they have developed a system that is able to assess the viral loads of Covid patients by analysing photos of their positive rapid antigen tests. They said the system could allow patients to know more about their stages of infection. One of the researchers, Jacob Hung from DNA-TECH, told Vicky Wong how the system worked:
Suicide index at unprecedented level  Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong says its suicide warning index rose to what researchers described as an unprecedented "crisis level" just over a week ago. They warned that the elderly were particularly at risk during the fifth wave of Covid infections, and urged the government to relax social distancing measures as soon as possible to improve the mental well-being of seniors. Timmy Sung reports:
Street sleepers win case over removal of belongings  Listenfacebook
A group of homeless people has won a lawsuit against the government over the authorities' decision to remove their belongings from the streets two years ago. Jimmy Choi reports:
Shanghai confirms record-high Covid cases  Listenfacebook
New Covid infections in Shanghai hit another record high on Tuesday after half of the city of more than 28 million people was locked down. China's business capital is now beginning the third day of a nine-day universal testing drive to try to stamp out the Omicron wave. Wendy Wong reports:
Australia turns away mainland students  Listenfacebook
Beijing has complained to Australia about turning back Chinese students for failing to disclose they had undergone mandatory military training at mainland universities. Foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, said a number of students had recently been denied entry to Sydney over what he believes is a misunderstanding. Kenny Hodgart reports:
Partygate investigation far from over  Listenfacebook
British police have issued an initial 20 fines over events hosted at government offices in London in breach of coronavirus restrictions. Officers have been investigating a dozen gatherings at Downing Street and the Cabinet Office - some attended by the prime minister Boris Johnson. Media reports of alcohol-fuelled lockdown parties led to calls for Johnson's resignation earlier this year. RTHK's London-based correspondent, Gavin Grey, told Vicky Wong that Johnson has yet to confirm if he has been hit with any fines: