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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Daily Covid cases decrease despite expanding clusters  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong has recorded a slight decrease in the number of new Covid cases, despite clusters of infections continuing to grow. On Monday, there were 234 cases - down from 259 on Sunday. 42 were imported. There were no new Covid-related deaths. Todd Harding reports:
Experts divided over vaccine pass  Listenfacebook
Public health experts are divided over whether the vaccine pass should stay as Hong Kong's coronavirus situation eases. Some have suggested the requirement be dropped for those aged under 60, while others say it is still useful to boost Hong Kong's inoculation rate. Wendy Wong reports:
Omicron gives vaccinated a super-boost  Listenfacebook
A study of vaccine responses by researchers from the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University shows that people inoculated against Covid-19 develop a “more robust” antibody response against variants of the virus after catching Omicron compared to those who are unvaccinated. The researcher say this shows how important it is for everyone to get the Covid jab, as Mike Weeks reports:
'Hundreds' missing out on pandemic relief  Listenfacebook
The DAB party says hundreds of people who have lost their jobs because of Covid-19 are also losing out on a $10,000 relief scheme, because the government refused to give them a chance to fix simple mistakes they made in the application process. The party says it has received many complaints from people who say their applications were rejected because of missing documents or inaccurate information. DAB lawmaker, Frankie Ngan, says the government can solve this problem by setting up an appeal system, and double the time for applicants to provide documents to 10 days. He spoke to RTHK's Kelly Yu:
Shanghai details lockdown exit plan  Listenfacebook
Shanghai has set out plans for the end of a painful Covid lockdown that has lasted more than six weeks, and for the return to a more normal life from the start of next month. This came as new infections in the city fell below 1,000 on Monday, from 1,369 on Sunday. Jimmy Choi reports:
'Cautious optimism' as Shanghai eases lockdown  Listenfacebook
A Shanghai resident says little has changed in the city, which is in the early stages of exiting a six-week lockdown. Ben Cavender from the China Market Research Group, says many shops are still closed but there is 'cautious optimism' over the planned easing. The economic analyst also said he expected a slight rebound in the mainland economy by the third quarter. He spoke to Janice Wong.
Mainland posts weakest growth in two years  Listenfacebook
Official data shows a sharp drop in economic activity on the mainland last month amid Covid lockdowns in various parts of the country. Both retail sales and industrial production slumped to their weakest growth in two years, as Mike Weeks reports:
Judges warned over social media activity  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's judges have been told to be wary of liking or following any person or group on social media if doing so could undermine people’s perception of their impartiality. The advice is contained in an updated guide on conduct published by the judiciary, which also warns judges to avoid expressing views to the media, as Jimmy Choi reports:
East Rail extension survives first rush hour  Listenfacebook
The direct rail connection of the eastern and central New Territories to Hong Kong Island seems to be living up to its billing as a game changer for commuters. Many of them told RTHK that going to work was much less hassle than usual on the newly-extended East Rail Line. Kelly Yu reports:
Drug traces found in sausage samples  Listenfacebook
The Consumer Council says it has found a residue of a veterinary drug in three sausage samples it tested. But as Altis Wong reports, the watchdog says there is insufficient proof that the drug poses any health risk to people:
HK needs 'holistic' approach over electric vehicles  Listenfacebook
A transport analyst says the new transport bureau being discussed under a government restructuring plan should look at how electric commercial vehicles are integrated into the city. James Ockenden from Transit Jam said without a holistic approach, the city would end up with what he called 'stone-aged' technology, such a retro-fitting old trucks with a battery and motor. He was commenting after a logistics firm recently said it had added two 5.5-tonne e-trucks to its fleet. He told Samantha Butler that heavier trucks were best left out of urban areas:
Turkey opposes Sweden and Finland's Nato bid  Listenfacebook
Sweden has formally announced its decision to join Nato, a day after Finland did so. But Turkey’s president has restated his opposition to Finland and Sweden joining the military alliance. It comes as Nato allies and partners take part in long-planned military exercises stretching from the North of Europe to the Balkans. Annemarie Evans spoke to RTHK's UK correspondent, Gavin Grey, about the exercises taking place in Estonia over the next two weeks, and what signal they were intended to send Moscow: